#7QT: You’ve Got To Accentuate The Positive Edition.

Let’s set something straight first. 🙂
If you read the titles of my quick takes each week, there’s always a theme. (Sometimes that theme is “random stuff in nonsequential order”, but that’s still a theme. Right?)

There’s been much talk and keyboards are all a-flutter in the blogosphere because, believe it or not, many people use writing as an outlet. Occasionally you’ll read about ALL THE GOOD THINGS and if you’re having a Code Red Everything Is Falling To Pieces day, you may be tempted to grumble “herbitablerg, everyone’s happy and my life is so not like theirs and now I am sad”. Or something along those lines. If you also use the word ‘herbitablerg’, please let me know. I’m thinking about trademarking it.

Anyway. This blog isn’t one of those places. Reality is reality, and life is up-down-allaround-topsy turvy. That said…
a friend took on the personal challenge this week of not complaining. About anything. For a week. And each time she slipped up, she took it upon herself to fast. Well.. I’m not that friend and I didn’t accept her challenge, but I think it’s something we can all be mindful of, and on that note, I’ve decided to use my writing for good/positive/happy things this week.

Note: our definition of good/positive/happy may vary. Judge as you wish.

— 1 —

Happy thing 1 is a recipe. [Spoiler alert: happy thing 4 also contains a recipe.]

Do you like buffalo chicken dip? Do you wish you could eat it like a real meal and not just at gorge-yourself-football-watching parties? Maybe that’s just me… either way. These can totally go on a dinner plate and not look ridiculous. You get all the taste of buffalo chicken dip with the added bonus of a slight crunch, and you don’t have to use totally delicious but notsogoodforyou tortilla chips to eat it, either. WOOOOOO. Also, it’s Friday, so if you’re going meatless today 🙂 come back tomorrow. Click on the title to open the foodblog where the recipe is from in a new window!

Buffalo Chicken Amazeballs

My notes:
1) I microwave my chicken to cook it through, then shred with my hands. If you want further instructions on that, let me know.
2) I threw a ton of Old Bay into the mixture. Because.
3) I only made half of the recipe listed; for my half batch I used 1/4c lousiana-style hot sauce. YMMV.
4) Zero scallions or onions went into the making of this dish.
5) Used generic, plain panko, very lightly.

I’ll recommend that website for anyone looking for new recipes; I haven’t made much but what I have, has been good.

— 2 —

I somehow ended up on a workout team at the gym, so I meet up semi-regularly with 2 other women and we metaphorically beat ourselves up, together. It’s a good stress reliever.

Relatedly, my boxing skills are less-than-existent, so I have my work cut out for me. Wheeee!

— 3 —

I don’t always thank the federal government, but when I do it’s for THREE DAY WEEKENDS.

Also, thanks to my new employer because it’s a four day weekend for me. ALL THE HAPPINESS AND GRATEFULNESS.

— 4 —

So maybe you’re like me and you cook too much chicken at one time because cooking chicken takes so much time that you don’t want to do it everyday. Or maybe you just have leftover chicken. Maybe you’re also like me and despise mayonnaise with all the passion of a thousand burning suns, or something equally dramatic. Then this recipe is for you.

Non-Mayo Non-Gross Tangy Chicken Salad 

Leftover chicken, shredded/cut up small. I think I had about 6 – 8oz… (note: I made extra in recipe 1 and this is how I used it up, so it was micro’d/boiled)
1/2 – 1 Tablespoon lemon juice (to taste)
6 oz. container plain fat-free greek yogurt (or non-fat free, if that’s how you roll)
Mix those ^^ ingredients first until blended. Then add:
handful of fresh blueberries, probably 1/3 C (more would be a good thing)
chopped up raw almonds, probably 2 Tablespoons worth (measured before cutting, and feel free to throw them in whole and save yourself the task of cutting raw almonds)
Sprinkle cinnamon, other spices you like

Mix. Refrigerate. I ate this mixed in a big bowl with several leaves of green leaf lettuce. (The “salad on bread” concept still grosses me out, despite the lack of mayo). Try throwing whatever else you have laying around into it and see what happens. #kitchenexperiments, yo!

— 5 —

I have officially learned the the thrill of double couponing.
Any embarrassment I might have felt with my meager stack of poorly-clipped coupons at the grocery store at 8pm was rapidly eclipsed by the loveliness of getting 2 cans of garbanzo beans for free, two cherry ChapSticks (brand name!) for 25cents a pop, and two full-size tubes of Colgate for $1 each.
I can’t wait until next Wednesday, but I might have to step up my organization game.

Thanks to my parents for my sense of frugality and also my ability to get super excited about the little things in life, like cheap brand-name Chap Stick.

— 6 —

Boyfriend is visiting for the long weekend. This is a lovely thing indeed. He makes me smile.

In case you need photographic proof of this…

I pointed a camera at us and said "SMILE". So..you know, that seems to work.

I pointed a camera at us and said “SMILE”. So..you know, that seems to work. Also, yes, I’m taller. Can you tell?

— 7 —

And, you know, some Catholic talk…

My new church/parish? It feels like home. Like where I’m meant to be. The priest is young(ish?) and orthodox in his practices [and wears a cassock, which for some reason makes me feel like I’m friends with a superhero]; the church looks like a church; there are kneelers AND a small crucifix; the demographics are from really young to really elderly with plenty in-between; there is a legit pipe organ but also a normal piano; the DRE is super-friendly and has already asked me to consider being a catechist… it’s just where I’m supposed to be. And that’s a fantastic thing.

Oh, and we sang my absolute most favorite hymn ever the very first Sunday I visited. I’m not superstitious at all, but I appreciated the God-firmation (it’s like confirmation from God, I guess) that I had found my spot.

[Ask me about the whole catechist thing later. I have to see if I can manage a week of teaching kids the basics first!]

That’s all for me! Per the usual, for more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

12 thoughts on “#7QT: You’ve Got To Accentuate The Positive Edition.

  1. I also hate mayonnaise, so I generally avoid the salads-that-aren’t-actually-salads.

    Thanks for some happy quick takes! What church did you end up at?

  2. My husband hates mayo too, so I may be trying that recipe sooner rather than later. But that buffalo chicken recipe? Insanity. That looks amazing. What a cute photo of you and your boyfriend! And your priest wears a cassock! So cool. Which hymn is your favorite?

  3. I’ve got leftover chicken AND blueberries, so I know what I’m having for lunch tomorrow. (Although mine will have mayo, sorry!)

    Glad you found a church home! I just found one I like a lot too, also with a young-ish, fired-up priest.

    Enjoy the long weekend!

  4. Now, see, I like mayo, but it must be Hellman’s (a.k.a. “Best Foods” west of the Mississippi, and never the fat free version). Also, Miracle Whip is not the same thing at all. But I have gotten into making tuna salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and that’s yummy, too.

    Cassocks rock! My pastor wears one, too. (But he’s been wearing his for quite a few years now.)

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