#7QT: The “One Piece of Really Big News; Lots of the Mundane Kind” Edition.

I need – want – to get this done before I leave for work. I’ve got about 20 minutes on the clock. GO.

— 1 —

Getting married, y’all. Currently just engaged and wrapping my brain around things. But… dang. Life is funny, isn’t it?

— 2 —


This is a ring. Also, this is my AHHHH ENGAGED face, apparently.

This is a ring. Also, this is my AHHHH ENGAGED face, apparently.

— 3 —

Best news? I was all, “oh my gosh Mom please say you’re willing to be generous with your time because I have no idea what I’m doing with this whole planning concept” and her response was something like “I’ll help you as much as you’ll let me!”

And this is why God gives us mothers. Among other reasons.

— 4 —

One of my brothers had a birthday this week, along with a cousin. Dad’s is this weekend. Sister-in-law, boyfriend fiance, and I think 4 more cousins have birthdays this month. What is it with y’all Septembers?! Which reminds me… I once read some fascinating research on when the most popular time to be born is, and I think it was specific to the USA. I was in the ‘least common’ month [woo, short February!] but if I remember correctly September and October were crazy popular.

I should librarian and try to find that again.

— 5 —

I’ve met a bunch of my students already (probably a good 300 so far), and will meet even more today and the beginning of next week. So far so good. As I was leaving school yesterday, I heard someone yell “HEY! LIBARIAN!” [yes, the word is librarian; I’m spelling phonetically here, and this pronunciation is not limited to the younger set] and a  girl I’d met earlier in the day ran up the hall and told me to have a good night. Honestly, I was just excited she’d met me earlier in the day and remembered who I was! That’s more than I can say for myself. I have no idea how I’m going to learn about 700ish student names. Seriously.

— 6 —

Anyone ever go to Zumba? I’ve gone twice. I have no idea what’s going on and try to fake it, which half the class is also doing, so it works out alright. It’s actually a lot of fun, if you don’t think about it. The key is not thinking about it. And also not looking in the wall of mirrors.

— 7 —

No one is visiting me this weekend. [Last weekend and the next 2 weekends I’ll have guests]. So, with my loads of free time, I’m… taking a mandatory 8hr CPR/AED/First Aid class. It starts at 8AM on Saturday morning and I had the pleasure of paying to attend! Apparently VA changed the state requirements for new teacher licenses this summer, so before I can even submit my application this has to be on the record.

On the upside, this means when the class is over ALL my requirements for a teaching license will be met and it’ll get shipped off the state, so I can eventually call myself legit! In the meantime…well, I’ll be teaching anyway.

It’s 7:54, which means I managed this in 14 minutes. W00t! —-> For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!


13 thoughts on “#7QT: The “One Piece of Really Big News; Lots of the Mundane Kind” Edition.

  1. Aah congratulations!! When I was engaged, I found out pretty quickly that when it comes to wedding planning, everyone’s pretty much learning as she goes, so don’t stress out! I am also a Zumba lover slash faker…enjoy the weekend!

  2. I admired your ring on Twitter already, but it’s so pretty, I’ll be happy to admire it again.
    Don’t you love little kids who are so sweet and enthusiastic? It’s what I love about volunteering in my younger son’s school. I usually see about 110 kids in a typical morning there, and no, I don’t get everyone’s names. But each year I get better, if I get that class again.
    I went to Zumba one time at a fund-raiser event. It was in a school cafeteria, so no mirrors (good) but the instructor was not newbie-friendly so I had to make up a LOT as I went along. So did my friends. We stayed in the back. It was fun, though.

  3. Re engaged: congrats!

    Re birthday months: for both our families, August is huge for events–anniversaries and birthdays, both.

    Re zumba: I do Jazzercise and we don’t have a wall of mirrors. I’d like to know what I look like doing some of these moves, frankly. 🙂 But I will say for the first couple of weeks I thought my head was going to explode, trying to keep up. 🙂

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