#7QT: Five Days of Teaching Leaves A Girl A Wee Bit Tired Edition.

Seriously, I am tired. Not in the “I’m falling asleep at 9pm” sense, but in the “the motivation to get up from the couch and accomplish things is not strong today” sense. I’ve realized some things this week about teaching that I didn’t foresee, so you’ll hear about that. You’ll also hear about whatever else pops into my brain.

— 1 —

If you have the ability and opportunity to go to the bathroom during the day when the need arises, take a moment and throw up a grateful thank you for that. Because the thing with teaching, but not having a classroom of kids that require bathroom breaks, is that I rarely have a free second to leave the room. Walk breaks, water breaks, stretch-your-legs breaks… they don’t really exist. They will, moreso, when we stop team-teaching and split up into which grades we’ve been assigned, but for now it’s a mental game of “oh yeah, be prepared to be on your feet for the next three hours”.

— 2 —

This right here is a big THANK YOU to Merrell. I’m in love with Merrell shoes. I have been since I got my first pair in August 2009 – and it’s now September 2013, and I’m only on my second pair. Quality for the win! They’re comfy to stand in, good to walk in, and come in neutral enough colors that I can typically where them with multiple colors of slacks at work [yes, I use the word slacks]. My bright blue-and-green-neon running shoes don’t exactly blend into my “professional” wardrobe so well.

— 3 —

Speaking of which, our principal has called for a school spirit day but the reality is that we’re allowed to wear anything sports or team related, and if you have a school-related shirt of some sort you can wear that too. What does this mean? I’m wearing my new “THE BIRDS” bright orange Orioles shirt (speaking of which, win a game already guys) and I’m excited to wear a t-shirt to work. It’s the little things in life, alright?

— 4 —

It’s amazing the number of male students I can bond with over the topics of: professional wrestling; professional football; baseball. Seriously. One of my kindergarteners randomly started doing Kofi Kingston’s “I Can Fly” move while standing in line, so I quietly said, “excuse me. do you think you’re Kofi Kingston?” and the look he gave me was part fear [YOU NOTICED] and part amazement [YOU KNOW WHO KOFI KINGSTON IS?!!] and then he whispered, “yes”. Go figure.

Thanks, boyfriend fiance for introducing me to WWE, I suppose.

— 5 —

Story from today:

We were discussing book care. We don’t write in our books; we don’t let our little brothers and sisters take our books because they’re too young to know how to take care of them; we don’t bend the pages in our books; etc. And then we start talking about how to make sure that your book is safe — keep it in a safe place, where strangers/little siblings/etc can’t take it, and make sure you bring it back the next week to class so you can choose a new book. I explained to my students that I’m a bit disorganized so I make sure to keep library books in the library bag so they don’t get lost. (Something tells me they appreciate knowing that adults can be scatterbrained, too).

Students raises his hand and contributes: “Sometimes I put my library book in a super safe space and then I can’t remember where the safe space is.” Gosh, do I remember that feeling… the number of books I found hidden in cubbies/closets/under blankets/etc. Life.

— 6 —

HOW did I make it this far in life not knowing there are flavors of Fresca?! I love Fresca. But there is now a peach Fresca, and a black cherry Fresca, and discovering this at the store just about blew my mind. The peach version is mega delicious, by the way.

— 7 —

What I’m Reading:

Just finished Jim Gaffigan’s “Dad Is Fat”. Hilarious. Recommended.
Currently working through some “how to plan a wedding and not lose your mind” books, as well as a book called “The Faithful” on the history of American Catholicism from way-back to modern times. Additionally reading “The World’s Strongest Librarian” which is a fascinating memoir of a man’s personal journey, and I just picked up Chris Jericho’s “Undisputed” at the library today. [Judge away].

Anything good of the written variety crossing your path lately? Let me know.

And as always, —————————————————————->> For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

4 thoughts on “#7QT: Five Days of Teaching Leaves A Girl A Wee Bit Tired Edition.

  1. I can totally relate to the kid that puts his books in a “safe” place so they don’t get lost! It is one of the most annoying feelings – to remember thinking about putting an item somewhere so you don’t lose it, and then losing it. Happens to me all the time, especially with important paperwork.

  2. Good shoes are totally essential teaching tools. Glad you have some that work for you.
    I loved “Dad is Fat.” Have you read “Falling for your Madness” by Katharine Grubb? Highly recommended. You’ll like the courtship angle, the quirky professor, and an interesting Arthurian twist.

  3. I love the comment about Fresca – isn’t the peach one fabulous? Also, too cute on the child who asked about forgetting their “safe space” for books. My safe book space of the moment, has been forgotten so long I had to put going to the library on hold until I find it (or pay to replace books)!

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