#7QT: When to Thank, When to Ask, and When To Indulge Edition.

Tired. Thursday night. This isn’t news.

This week, I’m talking about…

working on being thankful for the little things and the big things.

working on asking for help, prayers, and/or support when needed.

working on indulging when I just need to indulge already.

Apparently I’m working on a few things.

Read onward.


— 1 —

When it’s the third time in one day that you’ve hit your breaking point, but you somehow aren’t actually broken yet, and in fact are still standing…

it’s a good time to be thankful for the strength to not fall over and collapse.

— 2 —

When you end up at a doctor’s appointment after work, and the doctor is running forty-five minutes to an hour late because of an emergency call in the middle of the day…

it’s a good time to be thankful that you’re not the one in the hospital requiring emergency doctor visits.
(Side note: glad I stuck around, because I love my new doctor. Even if she did send me home with homework.)

— 3 —

When the stars seem to align such that your free evening of time avails you of the opportunity to get to reconciliation, followed by adoration, followed by Mass…

it’s a good time to say thank you for faithful priests, and for the gift of the Eucharist.

Occupy Adoration photo; monstrance & quote from Pope B16.

Occupy Adoration photo with monstrance & quote from Pope B16.

— 4 —

When you’re apprehensive about teaching a new concept to a large class of fifth-grade students, who face a lot of stress and tend to react unfavorably to being asked to try new complicated things…

it’s a good time to ask for the patience to answer questions, even if they’re asked ten times in a row, and a good time to ask for mercy so that you can redirect that mercy to the young people who need it even more.

— 5 —

When you’re driving down the road and suddenly discover that the road you’re driving on has become a six-inch deep creek of waves of water…

it’s a good time to ask for some divine assistance and peace to keep traveling and make it home in one piece.

I take this exit to get to my church. 4th View St / Ocean View: sometimes it’s known as 4th View Creek / Ocean On The Road, apparently.

— 6 —

When a random event in a long series of events trips that Irish temper and sends you into a spiral of frustration…

it’s a good time to ask for a moment to leave the situation, reset, and clear your head so that you can return to it without being covered in ALL THE TEMPER. Astonishingly enough, it just might make things better.

— 7 —

And when it’s Thursday night and it’s been pouring rain for two days straight, and you’ve been teaching all week and have a lot on your plate and don’t necessarily want to talk to anyone or accomplish anything…

it’s a good time to indulge by putting on some semi-mindless bridal tv shows, making a delicious comfort-food dinner, and then making up a recipe for a raw peanut butter cookie dough batter so you can just eat it with a spoon and feel all the happy.*

*Raw Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Recipe
made up this evening using a plastic bowl and a wooden spoon
1/4c flour
1/4 c peanut butter
2 T white sugar
1 T brown sugar
pinch salt
sprinkle of milk (I actually poured 1 capful of almond milk in. YMMV).
Stir until mixed. Eat with spoon, preferably straight from bowl while watching mindless television.

You’re welcome. 🙂

I bounced back this week and actually wrote a 7QT, my favorite linkup.
For more, please visit Conversion Diary! and make sure to read what Jen writes – she’s awesome. 🙂

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