Snippets of Life on Thee Olde Blogge.

It has been exactly one month since I last posted anything on thee olde blogge. Oops?
Well, let’s start with today and maybe if the motivation returns, I’ll backtrack to everything else that’s happened! Alternatively, I may start blogging for the National Psoriasis Foundation on what it’s like having psoriasis. Debating whether I should or not…

Tonight in a nutshell.

Tonight in a nutshell.

in the bowl – brownie batter. I got a free bag of Betty Crocker brownie mix on my last Kroger trip – it was on sale for $1, and Kroger had a digital coupon for $1 off, so FREE. I just had to find the effort and time to make them. TA DA. I may or may not have eaten a not small amount of the batter before pouring it into the pan and throwing it in the oven. Live bold, eat raw eggs, or something.

on my hand – yep, the diamond’s still there! Plans are moving forward. We have a date. It’s gonna be a July wedding in Ohio. Hopefully it’ll be a fun shindig and people will enjoy celebrating with us. Main goal is just to be married at the end of the day, though. I’m incredibly laid back about all this… for now. I definitely will never be featured on a dramatic tv show.

on my wrist – whee, another medical bracelet for the collection. Had a test done at the hospital today – nothing complicated, and I had the joy of laying on a bed for 100 minutes while a machine hovered over me and took pictures. On the cool side, I can now say I’ve eaten radioactive oatmeal. It doesn’t do much for the flavor of plain oatmeal, though…

covering me – really, really old ARMY zip-up sweatshirt. it’s chilly now, and I’m cheap about heating. Seems fitting to wear this one today, 11/11. Thank you veterans! (Particularly the ones who bestowed on me all my hand-me-down Army gear, my brothers).

on my face – new glasses! bigger, plastic, and with high-index (extremely dense) lenses. I can see great and they’re pretty comfy what with the plastic and no nosepads. The boy thinks it’s amusing to see a Polo Ralph Lauren logo on my face. It’s the only time I’ve ever worn such a thing. Probably the last…

on the wall – awesome artwork behind me is courtesy my watercolor artist grandmother.

on tv – it’s about to be time for Monday night RAW. Yep, I watch professional wrestling. Some of my students think it’s cool. Speaking of which…

on the calendar – well, I work every day. I still enjoy teaching, so that’s a good thing! It keeps me busy and the times where I’m not busy… I end up finding something to fill the void. I’m not good at down time at work, apparently.
–Thanksgiving break will be here soon enough, although I keep thinking it’s a week before it really is. In reality, it’s just a 4 day weekend. Sadly, the state in which I currently reside doesn’t abide by the [awesome] Ohio rule of “First Monday after Thankgsiving is a day off for buck fever”.
— I also made the silly suspect possibly regrettable choice to sign up for another running race – the first one since teh Baltimore half marathon, if memory serves. So on December 7th, I’ll be slowly trodding along the beach at the “Surf’n Santa” 10 miler. Upside: the medal is really cool, so even if it takes me the whole time limit, I will cross that line. If only because it’s Santa on a piece of medal. How cool is that?

Time for wrestling, brownies, and possibly a glass of ginger ale because my head is aching. Happy Monday, y’all.

5 thoughts on “Snippets of Life on Thee Olde Blogge.

  1. Don’t worry about missing your “blog days.” I had skipped months (plural). “Radioactive oatmeal”? Wow! Can’t say I’ve experienced that! “Main goal is just to be married at the end of the day.” Heh! Glad nothing has changed for the worse during my hiatus.

  2. Totally feel you on the dramatic tv shows..heck after my sister got engaged my mom was watching one and was all, “why are these moms so demanding and mean? My mom was nothing like this!!” All I’ve learned in the last 6 months is what I DON’T want to do when I get married!

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