#7QT – Still On The Blogging Wagon Edition.

— 1 —

Well, here I am. With some diet Seagram’s ginger ale and some tortilla chips that shouldn’t be in the house (blame the man) and with the telly on. It’s Friday Eve as I write this. I have classes tomorrow, and then the weekend to recover. I plan to… clean the apartment, do some laundry, go for a run at the nature park, cook a few things, and just relax. Relaxing. Yay!

— 2 —

Living about fifteen minutes from the water… it’s kinda nice. Best friend visited from Ohio a few weeks ago, and we went walking on the old military installation that’s right on the bay. I took this. Virginia is pretty!

The bay, as seen from Ft. Monroe on a sunny morning.

The bay, as seen from Ft. Monroe on a sunny morning.

— 3 —

Did I mention it was 30-something degrees this week? I suppose I need to find my ice scraper again. I metaphorically left it in Syracuse as a ‘good riddance’ gift, but I literally left it in the trunk of my car. I think. In the meantime, cheers for windshield washer fluids in the cold early mornings!

— 4 —

What did I read this week? Among other things – like blogs and a bajillion articles on teaching – I just finished “Unthinkable” by Nancy Werlin. It’s the sequel/companion to “Impossible” by the same author. They’re somewhat fantastic (as in fantasy, not quality), with elements of realistic fiction intertwined with some typical dramatic scenes. I’m teaching genres right now, so no apologies. Anyway. They’re entertaining while refraining from too much darkness – think mostly happy fairies, not the wicked kind.

— 5 —

What’s your Friday meal? Just curious. I’ve been doing the no-meat-Friday thing for a long time. Inevitably, my Friday nights end up being: cheese/veggie pizza; pasta with veggies; or a baked piece of fish with…veggies. So if you’ve got a great meatless meal idea that preferably is good to make in a small number of servings, send it my way!

— 6 —

Our wedding date is officially set. Like, really really set. So it’s a real thing. *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

— 7 —

I can’t really follow that up, at all.

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5 thoughts on “#7QT – Still On The Blogging Wagon Edition.

  1. We are having vegan split pea soup with dinner rolls and vegetables on the side. (I have a ton of vegan recipes on my blog, btw, as we eat vegan about 2/3rds of the year for religious reasons).

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