What To Do With (Yet Another) Snow Day

Third day off work in two weeks. Apparently southern Virginia gets snow. Who knew?

Last week the stir-crazy got to me after day one. This week, I’m being proactive. Let me break it down for ya.

  1. Try out a new recipe – one that will take a while. This crock-pot mac ‘n’ cheese recipe is cooking (slowly) right now. Do you know how long it took to find a recipe that didn’t call for either evaporated milk or a canned-cream-of-crap soup? Fingers crossed.
  2. Watch a cheesy Lifetime movie. Alternatively, spend a few hours watching one of those commercial-innundated-and-edited AMC movies while multi-tasking during the many breaks afforded you. Catch up on DVR’d stuff. Channel-surf and don’t feel guilty about it.
  3. Read a book. Maybe a magazine. Maybe a million blog posts. Use that literacy!

    Happiness is a cup of coffee and a good book. Preferably together.

    Happiness is a cup of coffee and a good book. Preferably together.

  4. Clean the house. Do the boring stuff that you just can’t bring yourself to do on a sunny day. Like… hand-scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom floors. That’ll use up some of your time.
  5. Put away the laundry. Okay, maybe you’re not me, and maybe you actually put your clothes away when they’re clean. In that case, go do some laundry. Even better? Clean out your closet and get a big bag of stuff together to donate when you can finally leave the house.
  6. Have a dance party. Get some Pandora playing and go to town. At best, you’ll burn some calories and have fun. At the very least, you’ll effectively determine whether your downstairs neighbor is also snowed in or had to report to work.
  7. Find a “core workout” online and try it out. It’ll consume your time, you’ll feel like you accomplished something due to the muscle ache, and you can say you learned something today.
  8. Clean off your computer hard drive. Have fun reliving memories through photos, delete papers you wrote 5 years ago for some college class, and find gems like this among it all.

    we're so incredibly cheesy. d'awwww.

    we’re so incredibly cheesy. d’awwww. also, I have a squinty eye issue.

  9. Move furniture around. Not because of feng shui or anything like that, but because moving heavy objects is a fun adventure and a little change’ll do you good. (A chaaaaange’ll do you gooooood, I said…)
  10. Write a blog post. At the very least, you have proof of doing something other than sleeping all day.

And please, for the love of all that is snow-sequestered, give me more ideas. Tomorrow’s fate has yet to be decided.

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