#7QT: “We closed school for snow so I drove to another state” Edition

This’ll be quick. Here’s why.

— 1 —

This week, I went to work for professional development on Monday. We talked about how difficult it is to teach research skills. Wheeee! I tried to write a few weeks worth of lesson plans; went to another PD in the afternoon about how to be a “change leader”, and hung some posters in the library.Who doesn’t love posters?

— 2 —

On Tuesday, I actually taught classes. With students! We attempted to learn things!

— 3 —

With my kindergarten and 1st grade students, we read the book “Ladybug Girl and the Big Snow”.

We looked at the fabulous pictures while I read aloud, then answered the W questions – WHO is in the story? WHAT happened? WHERE did it happen? – you get the gist. To wrap up, we watched a Flocabulary video on the five W’s. More on Flocabulary in the next take. Anywho, why was this a fitting book to read? ….. because Tuesday night, we got THE BIG SNOW. Snow’s a big deal in southern Virginia. Errything closed. ERRYTHING. So. more on that later.

— 4 —

If you’re a teacher or a homeschooling parent or anything that falls within those parameters – FLOCABULARY. You gotta get on it.

“Five Things” – Elements of a Story <—that one is free, so you can use it as an example.

If you want to subscribe, you do have to pay. My school district purchased group licenses for us. (YES!) You can start with a free trial, though.They cover all sorts of academic topics – from vocabulary building to science to math to current events – with videos in rap song format. My students ❤ them. They come with worksheet/activity sheets if you’re into that, or you can use the comprehension questions on the website… either way. Awesome sauce.

— 5 —

So on Wednesday, the gym was closed due to the BIG SNOW. I never left my apartment. What was the point? They kept telling us the roads were awful, plus even the Mall closed. The Mall. So it’s not like, “ooh I’ll leave the house and go on an adventure” was going to work. Cue:

  • HGTV marathon
  • Lifetime movie
  • baking peanut butter cookies; eating an obscene amount of them

— 6 —

So then Thursday, I get yet another phone call. “Due to inclement weather…” and I may or may not have reacted.

Pug-looking dog giving a serious "what did you just say?" face.

Pug-looking dog giving a serious “what did you just say?” face.

Yeaaaaaaaaah. I did go adventuring this time. I had to wait until after 10AM for Target to open – no, really, they were on a delay – and then I decided to “window shop” for our wedding registry. (Have advice? Lay it out in the comments. At the least, I would like some decent, matching bath towels.)

But then… as I was stomping through the aisles in my man-boots… I found a clearance rack. Not clothing clearance, but thing clearance. Camping equipment, sport-related things, and…an air hockey table. The NHL All-Star branded air hockey table. I was sorely tempted. 70% off? $23?

I texted a picture to the fiance, “70% off. So tempting”. This set off a conversation that, verbatim, went like this:

  • Brian: DO IT.
  • Me: It’s 56″ long by 26″ wide. So its not as big as arcades.
  • B: So?
  • B: BUY IT
  • Me: ………..
  • Me: I think I shall…
  • B: 😀

So, you know, once I can find someone to help me haul the 40lb box up the stairs, I’ll have official NHL air hockey in my apartment. In the meantime, it’s chilling in the backseat of my car. [Forgot to mention: I had a $10 gift card from a friend. So, tax included, this air hockey table was $15. I think I can take that hit. #bargains]

— 7 —

Long story short, after all that Thursday adventuring, I got dressed to go to the gym [reopened] for Zumba. And then I got the call. 4:50pm-ish.

“Due to inclement weather…”

“Snow again. Moving to Florida”. Not true. I can’t stand the sun. But… road trip? Yeah, I’ll do that.

So I said – just like last weekend – ROAD TRIP. And now I’m here in Maryland, spending time with the fiance and visiting with my brother, sister-in-law, niece, nephew later today. Not to mention my parents are also coming to visit them so I’ll see them in a few hours. Mom’s even bringing a potential wedding cake for us to sample! 🙂

Seize the snow day, and all that.

Have a fabulous weekend, y’all. For more Quick Takes from far more interesting people, visit Jen at Conversion Diary!

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