In Which I Revisit Some ‘Weblogs’ from 2005…

Back when I started blogging, or weblogging as we called it, on a platform called “Xanga”, it was the year 2003. Xanga has since morphed into a different type of service, but before it did, I had the opportunity to download archives from each of my xanga/blogs. I also had the opportunity to close them forever and delete them off the servers. Considering I first opened a blog when I was fourteen years old, I took advantage of that as well.

Back in those days…

  • weblogging was basically a public outlet for your thoughts. Remember livejournal?
  • almost no one had digital cameras. The idea of attaching a picture to your post usually meant linked to a 50×50 pixel “icon”.
  • if you did blog a picture, it was likely taken with a film camera and scanned into your computer, then uploaded.
  • if you were me, you did most of your posting from the public library because at home you still had a 28.8kbps dial-up connection.
  • remember how it was cool to post a “survey” where you basically answered inane questions about yourself instead of bothering to come up with something interesting to say?
  • posting the lyrics to a song with a one-sentence disclaimer about how it totally encapsulates how you felt that day? legit.
  • socially acceptable to post all the items you thrifted/bargain-bought that day along with how much you paid for them. oh wait, I still find that socially acceptable

Anyway. It’s 2014. Blogging is so sophisticated now (note the use of sarcasm font) and to prove how creative and inspired my writing is now that I’m an adult, I figured it might be fun or an exercise in humility to share with you a few things I said “back in the day” and see what has changed since.

From April 9, 2005

Nine Things I Want To Do Before I Die:

1 fall in love and get married to that same person [March 2014: done; working on the latter. july! ]
2 figure out what I want to do in life [March 2014: done? kinda?]
3 Go to Ireland [March 2014: I’ve done this TWICE now]
4 Be recognized as myself [March 2014: yeaaaah, I don’t know what emo 16-year-old me meant by that]
5 Change my hair radically [March 2014: it’s really really long. so there’s that.]
6 Not be afraid of myself [March 2014: I repeat I don’t know what emo 16-year-old me meant by that]
7 Have lots and lots of kids! [March 2014: well. huh. don’t remember saying that. check back in another decade, I suppose…]
8 get all dressed up and feel beautiful [March 2014: I’m old enough to feel beautiful even when I don’t bother to get dressed up. yay, adulthood]
9 keep a relationship with Jesus on track [March 2014: I put the ‘practicing’ in ‘practicing Catholic’]

From January 11, 2005

Three Careers You’re Considering:

1- museum curator
2- librarian
3- historian

March 2014 update: weeeeeell, I guess I knew what I wanted in 2005 after all.
That said, I found a post from April 2005 in which I considered being a doctor because of how much fun I had dissecting a starfish.
Still, I am a librarian. Just not the sit-behind-a-desk-working-with-adults kind.

From February 8, 2005

I’M GETTING SICK AND I DON’T LIKE IT. My allergies and sinuses are ALL WHACKED OUT.

March 2014 update:
I don’t even have to update this, y’all know it’s still the truth. Some things are consistent.

That is all for now. If I find more entertaining segments, you’ll be the first to know, dear reader(s)!


9 thoughts on “In Which I Revisit Some ‘Weblogs’ from 2005…

    • oh, I found plenty to shudder at – including my “so here’s everything I did today, starting with homeroom through last period” high school blather.

      Some good stuff in the mix I’m glad I found, though. 🙂

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  2. Oh, I had Xanga, I did livejournal, and even before that I had an email newsletter that got sent to (and contributed to by) my friends. (I’ve blogged about the newsletter before.) My livejournal was when I was in college. And so, so boring.

  3. I wrote a post a few weeks ago about things I did on the internet when I was younger like zine’s and aim and aol stuff. I need to go look at my livejournal (if it’s online/can find it) and my xanga and see what I wrote..wait i’m scared to look at that…

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