#7QT: in which I share (old and new) photos and discuss Life

Okay, first off, if you don’t read my blog on the regular… this is what I posted earlier this week: In Which I Revisit Some ‘Weblogs’ from 2005. I’m not saying you need to go read it, but I am saying it’s pretty entertaining. How long have you been blogging? I don’t have my archives from 2003, but I have most everything I’ve written publicly on the internet (who thought THAT was a good idea?) since mid-2004. Amusing yet reflective to look back. Also, it’ll explain half the post below.

— 1 —

So in 2007, immediately after high school graduation, I was in a production of the student version of Les Mis. It was the most fun in a role I’d had since playing Meg (the town, ahem, looked-down-upon-woman) in Brigadoon. Madame Thenardier is a pretty awful person in the book of Les Mis, and pretty much also the movie, but in the musical/opera/whatever it’s more comedic fun with a side dose of serious. It helped that the kid I played next to was absolutely loony and willing to do almost anything to make the audience laugh. I had the privilege of being made up like a clown most every night, along with out-of-control wigs that, come to think of it, aren’t too far off from what my massive, uncontrollable hair looks like nowadays in real life.
Relatedly, I found one of the few pictures from that show in the archive from my old-old-blog. Here ya go. In case you’re not sure which one’s me… I’m the taller one with the apron. (editing not done by me)

Yes, "thinks he's quite a lover but there's not much there" was indeed the line I sang at this point. While I pretended to use a meat grinder. FUN!

Yes, “thinks he’s quite a lover but there’s not much there” was indeed the line I sang at this point. While I pretended to use a meat grinder. FUN!

— 2 —

We had two snow days this week. Not a huge fan. The Monday snow day, sure, I’ll take it, but this means we have TWO more days to make up at some point during the year. We’re all waiting to hear how they’re going to make up that time. A neighboring school district is doing Saturday school. (No thanks). I really hope they don’t mess with our spring break, because I already have plans to be back in Ohio doing wedding-related stuff, organizing, visiting the fam, and attending my own bridal shower. We’ll see.

Then there’s always the lovely possibility of it snowing again this year. That’s all I have to say about that.

— 3 —

The lovely Allison Kinyon, maker of rosaries and other fine things, is doing a rosary giveaway.

Now, the rosary is amethyst – which happens to be the February ‘birthstone’ – so if you don’t like purple, it’s not for you. However, she makes beautiful rosaries and this one features a Sacred Heart of Jesus center and a papal crucifix. Go enter to win the rosary, and while you’re at it, check out the great photos from her family’s conversion/confirmation/baptism at the Easter Vigil last year. This Easter will be their 1-year-Catholic anniversary!
(Yes, our blog names are similar. Apparently there’s this trend among Catholics to drink copious amount of coffee. Great minds think alike?)

— 4 —

Have you ever had that experience where someone asks for advice, you shoot some advice off-the-cuff, then re-read it and go… oh. I should listen to myself.
No? That only happens to me? Well then. This probably doesn’t apply to you, so skip ahead if you wish. If you’re on the Daring Greatly read-train, it should make a bit of sense. I should read that, note to self.

BIG RULE (and the one I violate pretty much with everything) — don’t throw [something] away just because keeping it requires being vulnerable, trying something new, or possibly getting hurt.

—5 —

Snow, snow, go away. Seriously.

Snow, snow, go away. Seriously.

I believe I mentioned the snow. Well, I tried to take a picture and that’s the best one I got out of about 15. I’m really not skilled with a camera, but it’s better than the old days of cameras where you had to squint through that little box with only one eye and hope that whatever you were attempting to immortalize on film was actually IN the picture. Anyway. This was in the evening. That’s my porch/deck that I rarely sit on. Particularly now, considering it’s 30-some degrees and my porch chair is covered in snow.

— 6 —

It’s Lent. Did you see the FB photo album that the USCCB compiled of folks with an #ashtag?

There are 304 different photos in it as of now. If you’re one of the folks that’s anti-ashtag (and I saw quite a few of those folks blogging about it on Ash Wednesday) then…well, don’t click. But if you’re of the mind that we can share our Lenten journey together – in communion – through things that may outwardly seem self-directed, well, here’s the link to the Facebook album. Personally, I thought it was insightful into the ‘many faces’ of Catholicism, if you will. (Translation: it’s not just Millenials.)
history of this area is interesting- like the fact that Catholics [“members of the Church of Rome”] were banned from the colony of Virginia. How welcoming, eh?

St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church, Fort Monroe VA

St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church, Fort Monroe VA

— 7 —

Other quick statements that apply to this week:

  • I know a LOT about Dr. Seuss now. His ABC book is a winner, by the way – you get to say “zizzer-zazzer-zuzz” at the end. Zz zz zz.
  • If you ever want a group of almost-teenagers to stop talking and stare at you, mention offhand that you have a sinus infection. Trust me, they’ll miss “sinus” and just go “INFECTION?!!”
  • Want to spend time on the internet reading and learning new things? Try http://www.factmonster.com — my upper elementary students have been finding all sorts of fun things this week!
  • Laudate App. Interactive rosary. Very cool.
  • Pollen in what enabled plants to move from based in water to land-based, way back when. Still not a fan of you, yellow-balls-of-pain.

That’s all I’ve got. Really.ย  For more (actually, unlike mine) Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

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