#7QT: In Which House Guests Crash My Place!

The family is coming, the family is coming!


— 1 —

2 years ago at this time, I was traveling to Virginia Beach to run the Shamrock Marathon. This year, I’m awaiting my many houseguests who will be staying for the duration of Shamrock Weekend. And this year, I’m running the Dolphin Challenge. 8k on Saturday; 13.1mi on Sunday. Wheeeee. Here’s your throwback photo from 2 years ago. These people – along with their spouses and children – will be here all weekend, squeeeeeeeee!

liz, mark, and marie

Victorious siblings! It’s not how fast you run the race, it’s the fact that you finish…right? Gosh, I hope so..

— 2 —

It’s been a very draining week. I had to give up teaching some of my classes to do a different task assigned by admin. I’m happy to proctor state exams and help encourage students to do their best and stay strong in the face of wanting to fall asleep… but I missed my other students! Sorry-not-sorry for talking about them a lot. I just like kids. I like working with them. I like when their brains just light up and you can read it on their face.

— 3 —

Quote of the day. Lesson for kindergarteners was on biographies and how they “tell us about a person’s life”. (That was our friendly definition that they learned before they left my class.) As a fun enrichment activity at the end of class, they were using PebbleGo biographies and choosing who they wanted to learn about.

Student, leaving class: “Miss Evans Miss EVans Miss EVANs, can I tell you something? Martin Luther King was a great leader!”
me: “yes indeed.”
Student: “And and and he wanted all kids he wanted black kids and he wanted white kids and brown kids and any other kids and all the kids to go to school together and be able to be friends and so we all get to be together and learning and it doesn’t matter what color we just learn!”
me: “yes. yes we do. thank you for learning with me today!”


— 4 —

One of my colleagues is getting trained in Zumba (or is already?) and will be offering a free (beginners) class after work on Wednesdays. How great is that?

— 5 —

Which helps me segue into… one of the most awkward questions to ask someone else. “Hey, have you lost weight?” There are two answers to this question.

  1. “Yes, I have”. If this is your answer, you’ll be somewhat expected to explain yourself…which you may or may not likely want to do.
  2. “No, I haven’t”. At this point, the questioner probably says something like “well you look great!” which, while complimentary, has an implication that most of the time you don’t look nearly as great as you do right now. Oops.

It’s awkward when someone says “have you lost weight?” and your answer is “well, somewhat unintentionally, but yes” and they comment “I wish I could lose weight without trying!”. Because the real answer is too complicated to explain – “I have chronic stomach issues that limit the types and amounts of food I can eat, and it’s not worth the hassle to try to expand my palate; also, my work environment is highly stressful and I’ve developed an attachment to the gym because the stress makes my chronic skin and stomach conditions worse, so I don’t really have a choice not to work it out before I try to sleep each night.”

But hey, to the person who asked me (who doesn’t even read my blog) — there’s your explanation. Life.


— 6 —

Quote from the homily at Wednesday night Mass that I managed to get to (congrats on making it through the first week of Lent, y’all):

“Maybe Jonah was thinking he just didn’t feel like dealing with it all. Well, I don’t know what Jonah was thinking, because he didn’t tell me, but I was thinking about it…”

— 7 —

What good stuff have you read lately? (I need recommendations). I’m almost done with a book called “The Patron Saint of Liars” by Ann Patchett. It’s good stuff. Also, apparently Laurie Halse Anderson just wrote a new book and I have it from the library, so it’s next.

I also read a lot of children’s books. “Dr Seuss ABC”; “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish”; comic books; a biography about Marie Curie; a biography of Willie Mays; snippets of a Barbie Becomes A Pet Vet book… and those are all the ones that come to mind right away.

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2 thoughts on “#7QT: In Which House Guests Crash My Place!

  1. Not much can top One Fish Two Fish, but I am recommending Wonder, which I just read and loved! Enjoy all your guests for this weekend of celebrating!

  2. Running a Dolphin challenge sounds as if you’re racing on land beside a swimming dolphin. (How cool would that be?) Enjoy the run & your family!

    Hey, biography! I did that with 4th grade this week to get them ready for their “living museum” research project. We read WILMA UNLIMITED. I love that book and they were really into it. But they didn’t understand why female athletes wore their hair short. (Interesting how kids focus on THAT out of everything in the story.)

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