#7QT – In Which I Discuss Joy and Running (not necessarily related concepts)

I swear the title might make sense by the end.

— 1 —

The readings on Sunday were all excellent, in that way that a great homilist makes you highly aware of, but here’s an excerpt from the Psalm – a Psalm we sing during Lent.

If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts.
Come, let us sing joyfully to the LORD;
let us acclaim the Rock of our salvation.
Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving;
let us joyfully sing psalms to him.

Let’s play “spot the word that shows up twice” – can you find it? Makes me think of the old song…

“I’ve got the joy-joy-joy-joy down in my heart (WHERE?) down in my heart (WHERE?) down in my heart”, ad nauseum.

That’s the point that God has been trying to make to me for… quite some time now. Joy. Joy Joy Joy.

— 2 —

So if you’re anything like me when God is trying to drill an important point into your heart and mind concurrently, you… are the complete opposite.

Things have been a bit stressful ’round here. I’ve been a bit cranky. Oops. So, to counteract the cranky, I’m making a conscious effort to pray more (hello, Laudate app!) and accentuate the positive (hello, avoiding the negative forces in my life as much as possible), and listening to upbeat radio in the car (hello, KLove, except it’s awkward when you play the songs with the A and H word during Lent #catholicproblems)

How do you cultivate joy in your every day life? Give me some advice.

— 3 —

One of the ways I’m adding joy to my life – going out of my way to try to be helpful. That sounds self-serving, but I derive joy from cultivating happiness in others. Big life realization there — I not only like working with people, I like doing my best to make others happy. File that under “things I didn’t expect to be true about myself at the age of twenty-five”. But it’s the truth. So if that means running to make copies for someone else, why not? It’s worth it for a smile.

— 4 —

To go along with that, love this artsy picture to remind of us of some Scripture that encourages us to take hope. Seems Lenten-appropriate. (Note: the quote is from a contemporary song; it parallels the scripture.)

"the pain that you've been feeling can't compare to the joy that's coming." found via twitter/pinterest; original source unable to be found :(

“the pain that you’ve been feeling can’t compare to the joy that’s coming.” found via twitter/pinterest; original source unable to be found 😦

— 5 —

Hey, remember that one time my family came to visit and we ran a bunch of miles for fun because we’re odd like that?

Here is the approximately (one) photo of me from that weekend.

Backstory: this is long after I finished the half-marathon (a story for another day). We were partying it up in the party tent (duh) and the band really kicked in the good music sometime after 1pm. I, being myself, was dancing like crazy (by myself). Then some random older gentlemen walked up to us and said my “dancing skills” were so good, I could have a pizza coupon. Y’ALL. SO HAPPY.

— 6 — Β Here’s the bling from that weekend I mentioned.


So, it turns out, I actually can run faster now than I used to. I’d never run an 8k before, so my time was a personal best.

Woke up before dawn on Sunday to go to the beach for the half-marathon. Didn’t expect much. Broke my personal best by more than 18 minutes. It was a mess – a few things ached – but I was wicked proud of that. Lest you think too proud, I assure you I got a hefty dose of humility to go along with it, but I think that’s best kept to myself and not for the public.Β Anywho, I had a blast – no, really, I did – and I’m glad I decided to sign up somewhat spur-of-the-moment back in January. I have no idea if I’ll run anything again for a while, but it was a fun time and a good challenge.

— 7 —

YOU GUYS BASEBALL IS FINALLY ALMOST HERE. I’m going to an exhibition game on Saturday that pits the local AAA Tides against my Orioles. Either way, it’s a win-win as long as the rain holds off. Yippeeeeeee! Talk about joy indeed. Are you a baseball fan?

Unrelated to anything, I went to a microbrewery last weekend with some friends… this happened. Wuv, twu wuv.

Happy weekend, y’all. For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

6 thoughts on “#7QT – In Which I Discuss Joy and Running (not necessarily related concepts)

  1. So fun!! And a half marathon! Girl!! That is awesome. I am not sure I’ll get farther than a 5K. But running is fun.

    Have a joyful weekend! πŸ˜‰

  2. Hi, Marie! I’m glad to come upon your blog through 7QT. I love your #3 — been working on that one myself! Congrats on your half-marathon, too! I know a thing or two about the doses of humility that can come with hard-run races…running isn’t for the vain! πŸ™‚

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