#7QT – some links, some pictures, some words, Edition.

— 1 —

First up… I wrote something elsewhere this week. In the spirit of collaborating with fellow teacher-librarians, I wrote a summary of why I do what I do. That may not be interesting to you, which is why I didn’t vaguely post a link in the hope of misleading you into clicking. (Can’t stand that practice in blogging).

However, April is School Library Month, so if you’re at all curious how I ended up doing what I do – or what it’s like – you can read it here. Β Feel free to share any thoughts/comments on that post, or in the comments here. Gotta love how linked WordPress is to make all that work!

— 2 —

It’s late Thursday evening. The weather has been up-down-all-around, and the classroom(s) I was in today had the windows open. My sinuses are exploding. Can you throw up a quick prayer in the interests of them improving? Thank you. I’m having that icepick-in-the-right-eyeball sensation. (Not my favorite).

— 3 —

IT’S BASEBALL SEASON! One of my favorite websites during baseball season is Camden Chat, where I can read everything I ever wanted to know and then even more stuff I couldn’t care to read about regarding my team, the Orioles. Maybe you don’t care about them. That’s okay. Here’s a picture from the exhibition last game. Yes, it rained. How can you tell? I had a blast anyway, and saw a bunch of legit Orioles!

we call that "rain is imminent" sky.

we call that “rain is imminent” sky.


— 4 —

Incredibly long week at school concludes tomorrow with an early release day. By definition, this means students leave 2 hours earlier but staff stay the full day. Consequently, our ‘resource’ classes are shorter than normal, so my Friday students will come to the library for a whopping total of 25 minutes. Consequently, they’ll likely be a little off the normal schedule. Consequently, we will likely read books aloud (littles) or have some typing/games type (olders). I can’t accomplish anything in 25 minutes…let alone when 5 minutes of that is lopped off for coming in/being seated/cleaning up/lining up/leaving.

Next week is Spring Break! I’m going home. Much will happen, wedding relatedly, including my shower. So fun times for all.

— 5 —

But first, the man and I have to spend all weekend at Engaged Encounter. I’m looking forward to it. I’m also glad it’s a new, two-day non-residential program they’re doing so there won’t be any staying in a fancy-or-non-fancy hotel room with a random stranger for three days. I need some peace and quiet. Plus, Mass!

They asked us to bring a snack to share. I’m bringing Cheez-Its, granola bars, and pretzel-peanut-butter sandwiches. Can’t hurt to bring extra, right?

(Feel free to pray for us and the other couples. Because marriage is a big deal! And also, because this introvert hasn’t had any non-people time in a while and my entire weekend will now be spent with…people. Yay, people.)

— 6 —

Question for the married women: what shoes did you wear with your wedding dress? Please share. I’ve already returned 2 pairs and purchased 2 more in the hopes of finding a pair that are comfy (first priority) and don’t clash (second priority) and don’t have a heel (tied for second priority). HAAAAAAAALP MEEEEEE.


— 7 —

It’s Wrestlemania weekend, y’all. Who else is watching on Sunday?!

Well, it is Wrestlemania weekend. FYI. Too tired to find a seventh thing, but trust me, there are many more folks who have well-crafted posts with an actual seven things. So if you feel you’ve been cheated, please do visit Conversion Diary!

12 thoughts on “#7QT – some links, some pictures, some words, Edition.

  1. I wore low heels (and I’m 5′ tall) but I just went to a wedding where the bride wore cowboy boots – largely hidden by the dress – she looked adorable and comfortable!

  2. I wore the white Skechers version of a Croc Mary Jane with my wedding dress. I’m a big dork, but I was so happy to have comfy shoes πŸ™‚

  3. Have a wonderful weekend! I hope you get some down time to yourself with all that togetherness. I wore very simple white flats I got for $20 at Boscovs and they were perfect for me. My sister wore hot pink heels and they looked fantastic. All the bridesmaids were pink shoes too. That was perfect for her. Now off to read your school library post!

  4. I don’t have any specific advice for shoes because I love heels – but general advice: get shoes you’ll wear again. You’ll buy so many things for your wedding that you won’t use again, but get shoes you can wear again. Either find something in your wedding colors that will be fun to wear with other dresses or get a dark ivory that will coordinate with white. And – if you know you’re going to wear them again – you’ll probably be willing to spend a little more for quality and comfortable-ness which is a win-win.

  5. I wore lacy, ivory, ballet flats. They were super comfy! I’ve seen lots of brides wear toms or, if the clashing is a big worry, wear shoes in one of their wedding colors.

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