#7QT: A laundry list of minor accomplishments Edition

— 1 —

I finally managed to swing into the car place to get an oil change and replace the other two tires on my car. While there, the guy offered to check my A/C because it seemed like it was “blowing hot”. Well, yeah. I thought it seemed a little sucky lately. So he did, and had to charge up the freon or whatever you have it, and it was the best money I’ve spent because now the car actually starts getting cold when I turn the air on, as opposed to “thirty seconds before I arrive at my destination”.

— 2 —

While still in that vein of spending money, a new mattress and (split) box spring shall be mine in just a few weeks! Oddly enough, did you know that most people buy a new mattress on a holiday weekend? I found that ridiculous, but apparently it’s true.

— 3 —

Is it an accomplishment that I purchased yet another polka dot patterned item? It was a great dress, it’s blue (my favorite) with big white dots… it was on clearance plus I had a hefty 30% off coupon…

I know I have a problem. I admit it. But I love my problem.

Just the other week I added polka dot socks. I think the only article of clothing I have that doesn’t sport polka dots is a pair of shoes… so I’ll start looking for those next.

I just remembered I also have a polka dot barrette. Yep.

— 4 —

By the time you read this, it will be Friday. That will mean I am 6 work days away from summer vacation, and I’m still capable of sane thought.

Because of snow days tacked onto the end of the expected school year, we’re supposed to report to work on Sat. June 14th. (Un)fortunately, I’ll be in Raleigh attending a wedding that I already RSVP’d to and have no intentions of skipping. Hopefully we can work around that, I’m more than willing to go unpaid for that day, because regardless I just won’t be there.

— 5 —

The wedding cake has been ordered! All 3 of them. Yes. 3 cakes. 1 to cut (and eat), 2 for every body else to eat. One is a buckeye cake…Ohio people know what that means. The other will be white cake with raspberry puree filling. GET HYPED, Y’ALL.

— 6 —

Not my accomplishment: Sister Cristina won the Italian edition of THE VOICE. How incredibly cool is that? Evangelization comes in many forms, y’all.

I love that in the write-up of her win, she is noted as saying that her success on the show came not of her own doing, but because of a “thirst for joy” present in those watching. I can certainly see the truth in that. How often are we searching for the true, the good, and the beautiful in modern culture and failing to find it?

That makes me happy. And I love that she immediately started praying an Our Father. Can’t say I would have either the wisdom or the guts to do that on the big stage!

— 7 —

I’ve written two things on the blog this week after being silent for a long while. If you weren’t here yesterday, why not see what I had to say in “What I Love About My (Almost) Husband” and share in recognizing the man as a pretty awesome fella?

Unrelatedly, yesterday my parents celebrated forty-three years of marriage. That’s one heck of an accomplishment, and quite the witness for us all. Love you!

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary! Jen is pretty fabulous as most of you are aware. So are the others who link up! πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “#7QT: A laundry list of minor accomplishments Edition

  1. sister Cristina won!?!?! YAY!! A buckeye cake is awesome. And polka dots are the best and easiest way to lift my mood. So cute. Enjoy your wedding.

  2. Hi there! Here from Jen’s with 7QT.
    This is one of the best quotes I’ve ever heard:
    “She is noted as saying that her success on the show came not of her own doing, but because of a β€œthirst for joy” present in those watching.”
    Love that you included it!

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