Week In My Life series: Monday

Starting off a “week in my life” posting series a day late. Seems about right.
So, Monday. That was a thing.
-I headed into work even earlier than I usually do (which is still early) for my official “post-observation conference”. I accepted the feedback and comments given by admin, signed off on it, and got to work prepping for new lesson plans.

-I drank coffee. A lot of it.


-I taught. All day. Some of my students learned things, while I’m certain others didn’t. That’s the half-successful feeling that tends to come with teaching, so it is what it is. I can say we started a new project in my 4th/5th grade classes, in which we use the database CultureGrams to research different countries. Each team randomly erased a rectangle on the SmartBoard to discover their country. The countries I chose were… Brazil, Guatemala, the Czech Republic, the Phillipines, New Zealand, and Morocco are the countries being researched. We’re going to play a game where students use what they learned to make up quiz/trivia questions for the other student teams to answer, then have an Amazing Race-style trip around the world. If they have fun and learn something, great! At the very least, I know they’re engaged in reading, writing, active questioning, and geography for the next few weeks leading into Thanksgiving break.

-We read “Duck! Rabbit!” in my K/1 classes. If you have little kids at home, look for it at the public library. It’s amusing. 🙂


-New recipe tested out – Simple Shepherd’s Pie, from the Taste of Home folks. My changes: homemade gravy, no carrots, no onion, and I used some Betty Crocker Four Cheese instant mashed potatoes on top. Pretty good, according to Husband, but I’m not a Shepherd’s Pie fan so… if I make it again, it’s out of love. For the someone that isn’t myself that lives in this house. 😉

-Jeopardy Tournament of Champions is on. Our successes with answers are less frequent than usual. Frustration abounds. Did you know there are a lot of tv shows about Alaska on Monday nights? We do, now. Also, we can afford to buy a place to live in Alaska. File that factoid away for later.

3 thoughts on “Week In My Life series: Monday

  1. Love shepherd’s pie – but with only one type of meat (beef), NO gravy (ewwww), and just corn (boring but works for me) … excited to find you blog (3 of my favorite things: Coffee, Talking and Catholic stuff)

    • heh. Mine had ground turkey, basic homemade gravy, and peas in with the corn, so no dice for you I guess.

      If I had to pick, I’d say Catholic stuff > coffee > talking around here. Happy to have you!

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