Week In My Life series: Tuesday


Note, I am a school librarian. Note, this is not at all representative of me or my day.

Not actually representative of: -my appearance -my demeanor -my school library space

-Yes, we teachers work on Veteran’s Day. I arrived at work earlier than I expected to, thanks to zero traffic. A Maryland miracle! Today is an early dismissal day for students, which I forget until I arrive at school.
-Oatmeal with cinnamon and brown sugar. 24oz of coffee. Breakfast of champions.
-Announce the school lunch, weather, and that it’s an early dismissal and Veterans Day to the whole school. Did I mention I do the morning announcements each day? I do! “Goooood morning Panda NATION!”

-Fun fact: teaching on an early dismissal schedule is somehow more challenging than on a normal schedule. Classes are shorter, patience somehow disappears more quickly, students are excited about going home early…yes. Those all conspire against you.
-Seem to have a moderately okay morning with older students. Happy feelings.
-Open box of ordered materials that has been delivered. Decide the Pete the Cat stickers are so awesome, they must be saved for highly special activities and good behavior. Sniff the gingerbread scented bookmarks, and realize Christmas is right around the corner.
-Kindergarten students come straight from lunch. Successfully direct them to place their lunchboxes in the corner of the library until class is over. Successfully direct them to pick up lunchboxes on their way out of the library. No one gets injured by a lunchbox. WIN ALL THE THINGS.
-Immediately next class enters chaotically, seemingly unable to grasp the concept of “sit on a carpet square”. Feel like a total failure all over again.
-Review procedures with next class of students. A few stragglers refuse to leave because they want the ONE book they KNOW must be in the library because it says IN on the catalog. Help them find the book. Save the day. A few kids are mad at me, but unable to explain why. (That’s a fairly normal thing.)
-At some point, I eat my lunch. The lemon shortbread greek parfait yogurts from Aldi, limited time only, are quite yum.
-It’s PAY DAY and I FORGOT! Even more exciting that way.
-The book fair is next week. They’re delivering tomorrow and setting up on Thursday. The book fair materials/cases/tables/stuff will take up all of my library classroom space. Panic about what to do with my classes. Decide it’s not worth my time to panic about classes for next week when it’s still this week. Secretly panic within my non-panic.
-Staff training after students leave school. Lots of brainstorming and discussion. Loudness. Tiredness.

-Off to the hospital with husband to visit grandfather. We’re so exciting and entertaining that he fell asleep. He seemed to be doing pretty well today so that’s a good update! 🙂
-More coffee. Yum. Did not appreciate the gas station cashier who called me “baby” at least 3 times.
-Watch the DVR’d episode of RAW from last night, mostly on fast-forward. They’re setting up for Survivor Series. There’s a lot of filler content. RAW is in London this week, so it wasn’t a live episode anyway.
-Leftovers for dinner! I choose the remaining ziti from last week; husband finishes off the shepherd’s pie. Everyone wins.
Buck Showalter wins the Manager of the Year award. Woooo, Orioles! 
-Family Feud, then Jeopardy, then…likely something else. Perhaps a book if my eyes can handle it.

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