Week In My Life: Wednesday

Oh, Wednesday. How you sneak up on me every week. Such a pleasant day you normally are.
If you’re wondering why you’re reading this – I’ve joined Kathryn’s Week In The Life linkup. Because half the time, I don’t remember what happens during each day. Time to notice the little things and the big things.

woke up way earlier than intended, around 5:10. For a moment, I thought I had slept through my 5 alarms and was late for the day – why else would I wake up naturally?! But then I heard Husband up and about and checked my phone to discover I had shorted myself an hour of sleep. Panic abated, I semi-slept for the next hour, hitting my snooze button about six times in the process.
-Brewed coffee, and oatmeal with cinnamon again. Note to self: add regular oatmeal to the Aldi shopping list for Friday.
-continued reading the book I started last night, “The One & Only” by Emily Giffin whilst eating breakfast. It’s not bad, but it’s not that interesting yet. Considering ditching it in favor of the Baldacci book waiting in my library bag. What are you reading? And more importantly, is it any good?

-Wednesdays are a crazy morning in the media center, as two classes arrive at 8:30 for instruction and return their library books at approximately 8:25. 6 other classes return their books at 8:25, so there’s a whole lot of scanning and beeping and reshelving and “do I have a lesson plan?” happening.
-Inform my 4th grade students that we aren’t working on the scary story maps they started back in October as part of a sub plan when I had a training because, well, we have bigger and better things to do. There is grumbling. We randomly choose our countries for the Culture Grams Race Around the World project we are beginning, and the majority of students accept their new assigned seats/teams with minor grumbling.

I make a lot of screenshotted annotated pictures for my students. Never trust that doing a live tutorial will work.

I make a lot of screenshotted annotated pictures for my students. Never trust that doing a live tutorial will work.

-Morning PreK class..moving on…

-Third grade enters, and I announce our assigned seating chart to minor grumbling, which is quashed when I explain the rules of engagement… each table is trying to earn at least ten points for instances of observed good choices (walking feet, quiet voices, using ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, reading books). The table/team with the highest total gets brand new bookmarks. While they search for books, I revel in the pleasantness that this game has wrought upon my room. Ponder why I didn’t try this at the beginning of the year. Remember that I had no idea who should sit near who when the year started. Metaphorically pat myself on the head. Tally up marks, and discover every table-team earned at least 10 points. Congratulate students for wise choices, hand out brand new bookmarks to every student. Remind them this won’t happen every week.

-Lunch. Brain break. Think. Plan out things. Start-stop-think again-stop thinking-drink leftover coffee from this morning.

-Afternoon Pre-K class. Nothing overly of interest here…

-THE BOOK FAIR ARRIVES. Wheeeeeeee. (If you can’t hear the sarcasm, <insert sarcastic voice here>). I do not run the book fair, some school volunteers do, but it takes up my teaching/classroom space, requires me to work all of my classes/plans around its existence, and lasts way too long. Help the gentlemen move giant steel cases of books to the designated area in the library.

-Remember something I meant to do this morning. Look at clock. Slowly shake head.

-Dismissal happens, eventually. Things wrap up, eventually. Move more furniture, pack up, head home.

Evening/After Work:

-In an email to husband this morning, I explained I would clean the bathroom after work. I hold myself accountable and clean the bathroom. Discover the sink is still not draining properly…and worse than this morning. Ew.

-Tonight’s dinner happens to be meatless and entirely provided by Aldi. Spinach ravioli tossed with red pesto sauce and fresh mozzarella. Served with a garlic knot and my crunchy spiced green beans. Husband’s opinion: “you could’ve served the beans as the entree.” NAILED IT. 

Invented Recipe for Crunchy-ish Spiced Green Beans
-Take frozen green beans. Run water over them til they’re bendy. Throw in skillet with:
1T butter, very hearty shakes of garlic powder, salt, and paprika. Medium heat until cooked, then continue until browned/crispy around the edges. Serve with whatever you want. Maybe as an entree.

UPDATE: thanks to Google and helpful Internet people, husband and I completely fix the slow-draining sink!

-Zumba class. Feels good to move. Hips and knees not quite in agreement with the ‘feels good to move’ sentiments.

-DVR’d Jeopardy! with Husband after we’re back from the gym. Final Jeopardy? NAILED IT. 

And now, back to my book that I may or may not continue reading after this evening. I may or may not fall asleep reading it on this here futon. Today was successful. Always a good feeling. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Week In My Life: Wednesday

  1. All the schools here are doing book fairs this week too…I only know because every school I have passed in the last 2 weeks have these HUGE signs outside the school that say “BOOK FAIR!!”

    It secretly has made me want to go in just because I feel like the signs are inviting unwanted visitors.

  2. Those green beans sound really good. And I love Baldacci. And while I love a good book fair, I can see how having one in your space would be difficult. And wat to go on Final Jeopardy!

    • It works for almost any vegetable too. I do it for broccoli, just run water over the frozen broccoli for a min or two until frozen. Toss and season the same way, ovenroast at 425 or 450 for 20-25mins. That way is useful when I already have something else in a hot oven! Hope you like.

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