Week In My Life: Thursday

It got cold today. Just so happens my office is one of the best-heated in the building. (Just so happens I share my office with all the computer servers and equipment.) it’s getting hot in heeeere.

the above statement about it being hot? yeah. it got worse. so my “I’ll layer this plaid long sleeve button-down over this grey t-shirt in case it gets too hot” plan went to crap when I realized said grey t-shirt shows sweat really obviously moreso than any other shirt I likely own so I had to stick with the layers. FAIL.

-the “hey kids, our classroom has relocated due to the book fair” speeches to each class went over alright. Fun fact: a lot of kids don’t understand the concept of book fair, especially when it’s tied into (or located in) the library. “Can I buy a book from the book fair and bring it back like my library book?” “Well, no…if you bought it, you own it.” “But can I buy it for free like at the library?” Well then.

-Honestly, it was a blur. That’s how Thursdays usually go. The implementation of new seating charts went over as well as assigned seating can. A particular curricular struggle: our third grade team is doing a grade-wide Theme Project (capitals needed) about A Community Helper. They are requiring each kid to use a ‘printed source’ (i.e., book) to find information. So I have…about 100 3rd grade students. They’re choosing from a list of about 12 community helpers. Teachers said, “try to get a media book to use for your project”. I don’t have 12 different books about veterinarians – that would be a waste of my resources/budget. So I’ve spent this week saying things like, “well, sharing books is a great idea!” and “this book is about [insert career/community helper job here] and that’s pretty similar to Your Chosen Community Helper so you should find enough information to help you with your project.” Slight FAIL, but I’m limited in what I can do.

-Tonight’s dinner, which I planned….in the car on the way home. Popcorn shrimp, shoestring fries, and roasted broccoli. Husband used ketchup, I used cocktail sauce. We are scintillating folks.

-Still reading Giffin’s “The One and Only”. I’m still reading it, but the more I read, the less I want to finish it. So far the lead character is involved with two men – one she’s dating, one is the father of her best friend who she is apparently secretly-in-denial-but-not-anymore in love with. Even if I did find that realistic – and I don’t – it’s not that uplifting or even exciting. It’s just….weird. I’m looking at the cover of the book right now wondering if I should even reopen it. Baldacci is staring at me from across the room. No, really, I can see it from here. *creepy*

-Snack time whilst I indulge in the drama that is Grey’s Anatomy. Sometimes I watch it, sometimes I fall asleep. We’ll see what happens this Thursday evening…fun times over here at the G homestead. zzzzzzzz……..

Thank you Instagram for the great filter that brings out the brown tones in my diet A&W and the last small nugget of chocolate-peanut butter fudge.

Thank you Instagram for the great filter that brings out the brown tones in my diet A&W and the last small nugget of chocolate-peanut butter fudge.

4 thoughts on “Week In My Life: Thursday

  1. From this entire week of posting which I have enjoyed I came away with two things! 1) you like coffee 2) you watch a lot of TV! It’s fun to have an insight into someone else’s life!

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