Week In My Life: Friday [7 Things]

Here we go, Friday, here we go!

-snooze. snooze. snooze some more. oops, looks like I’m hitting 7-Eleven for coffee because I no longer have time to brew it before I leave. So, 75% blueberry coffee and 25% french vanilla capp it is. (Yum). Ran out of oatmeal. Note that I did put it on the grocery list in a previous post…but our Aldi run is tonight. So… no oatmeal for me. The only instant oatmeal left is the cinnamon roll kind, which is my least favorite kind and sometimes makes me stomach rebel. So hey there protein bar from the half-marathon two months ago, you’re looking pretty good… it’s moderately okay. It tastes like…protein…and the tears of the food chemists who tried too hard to make “isomalto-oligosaccharides” taste good.

-coloring. pleading for markers before crayons just aren’t good enough. crayon wrappers on the floor. searching on Google Earth. reading eBooks that I recently purchased for the electronic collection. checking out new books. book fair video, again.

-I have my younger kids ‘vote’ on the books that are advertised in the book fair video. Best voting system I use is the “thumbs up, thumbs sideways, thumbs down”. Various winners during those classes to include “the book version of Dolphin Tale 2” (apologies, the kids love that movie but I think it looks terrible – is it?) and “Creepy Carrots” which is a highly amusing children’s book, if you have children and do the book thing.

Book Fair preview! The PTA buys snacks and we get to see the Book Fair items and make ‘wish lists’ – and one wish list gets picked and they’ll buy you everything on your list. So of course, my list was full of hardback books. Go big or go home.  http://instagram.com/p/vZPu23FCnL/

So, WWE2k15 is really quite difficult to play. I can’t win to save my life. I used to be good at wrestling video games. 😦 Now I know what I’ll use my Thanksgiving holiday break time doing…

-Friday night ALDI run! Big times in our house. We haven’t been there in…two weeks I believe. So that cart is going to be full of stuff. We buy nearly everything that we eat at Aldi, and it’s all the more fun when you can buy a week or two’s worth of groceries for less than a “trip to Giant for a few random things”. Seriously.

what else could possibly happen tonight? Well. I finished that book that I wasn’t so sure of yesterday, and it was just as lackluster as I thought it would be, but now I’ve moved onto David Baldacci’s “THE INNOCENT”. [all caps necessary] So there will be reading. There will be Jeopardy! and there will be Smackdown viewing. And, seeing as how it’s Friday and I love me some weekends…there will be brews.

SHOUTOUT to the Traveler beer company. This stuff is the bomb diggity, no doubt. If you like brews like we do…click the picture to see if they sell it near you. Delicious.

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