Week In The Life: Saturday [WEEKEEEEEND]

Weekends around here are pretty great. Husband and I typically see more of each other than on a normal weekday, we both get a little extra sleep so we’re less cranky, and in general, life is grand. This Saturday really wasn’t an exception.

First things first, a slow wake up. Very slow. And then lounging. In my case, this meant leisurely eating something for breakfast [it wasn’t oatmeal, though the facts escape me] and sitting in front of the boobtube with some HGTV. Later, husband says to me “why do you do this to yourself?” He is not, in fact, referring to my eat-and-mindless-tv-watching Saturdays I’ll have you know. Rather, the people who get ONTO the shows on HGTV and my occasionally-almost-always harsh judgment of them. In the episodes where I don’t dislike the people, I typically bemoan their housing choices or alternatively, shudder at the house price – sometimes because it’s so much lower than around here, and sometimes because who has 150,000 in cash to drop on a down payment?! Well, apparently the people last night did. Cheers for you, people.

So I watched a lovely married couple remodel a kitchen for their mother-in-law over the time period of 1 weekend for $5300. That was inspiring. Also inspired me to say this:

I see you nodding over there.

Later, after battling rounds of traffic – Maryland’s like that – and a phone call to catch up with my mama, we went to Grandpa at the new rehab housing facility he’s at. Husband and I watched the OSU game while Grandpa mostly slept (tired from PT) amidst bouts of waking up and asking us a question to prove he wasn’t sleeping. After about an hour, we headed off…

WEGVENTURING! . It appears my twitter pal Nightfly invented this term ages ago. https://twitter.com/nightflyblog/status/533982327551315968?s=09 Every trip to Wegmans can be an adventure if you will it to be so. After filling up my coffee mug with 24 ounces of Jamaican Me Crazy blend (64 cents!) we headed into the fray. And I do mean fray, it was a busy place. We turned a corner towards the fresh-meat-and-seafood section, alternatively known as “Can’t Afford To Shop In This Section” section… when suddenly, Husband saw something.

Thus, a pound of white hots landed in the cart. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of white hots, I borrow from Wikipedia:

The white hot is a variation on the hot dog found in the Upstate New York area.[1] It is composed of some combination of uncured and unsmoked pork, beef, and veal; the lack of smoking or curing allows the meat to retain a naturally white color.[2]White hots usually contain mustard and other spices, and often include a dairy component such as nonfat dry milk.

So, these became dinner, which I picture here in all its out-of-focus glory. Note my fabulous Fiestaware as the backdrop. (Purchased at the seconds store at the Fiesta factory, because bargains).


Additional Wegventure purchases included fresh guacamole, spicy chipotle hummus, raisin/date/walnut instant oatmeal, and some soda that was on sale. We also snagged a fresh sample of the chicken-and-chorizo taco cups they sell premade. Deliciously spicy, but there’s no way in heck I’m buying a box for $9.99.

The rest of the day… wasn’t nearly that exciting, which is how I like my Saturdays.
-organizing a few things in the house
-watching Lucha Underground because it’s a well-produced wrestling show about lucha libres, yet is only broadcast in Spanish except for when the American wrestlers speak English and are closed-captioned in Spanish
-snagging part of Enemy at the Gates on tv, a particular favorite movie of mine
-WWE2K15 battles. I beat husband once. He then immediately beat me in the rematch. I held the title for about 15 seconds.

There may have been some snacking.

And, in the long run, it all comes back to me judging people shopping for houses…

just another day in the life. 🙂

One thought on “Week In The Life: Saturday [WEEKEEEEEND]

  1. That’s quite a Wegventure you had there! I have never seen or heard of a white hot before. (And apparently I would sick after eating one!) Very educational. Did you see anyone watching the train overhead? I saw two grown men excitedly watch it for the first time last week at the one near my work.

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