Real Talk: Opinions I Feel Like Sharing Today

Why? Because I’m opinionated, goshdarnit. And because sadly, many folks I know who enjoy reading blogs do not enjoy twitter, where most of my opinions are shared with the world. So, in no particular order, here you go.

1. Thou shalt not call a recipe “cheesy” if the recipe calls for fat-free cheese. Also, thou shalt not call a recipe “cheesy” if it uses less than 1/2 cup of actual delicious cheese. Also, a can of cheddar cheese soup does NOT count.
The above is a photo of cheddar cheese fries from OPACY. babyG likes these.
The above is obviously my beautiful Fiestaware full of boxed mac-and-cheese spirals. This is babyG’s favorite food right now. Also, mine. Also, no judging.

2. Saying “We don’t need more politicians, we need real people like Donald Trump” gives me heartburn. Disregard the part where I have chronic heartburn, and just please stop saying it. Please.

3. Thou shalt not be passive aggressive unless thou is prepared to handle the aggressive aggressive response thou deserves.

4. Twitter is where one can live-tweet an event in real time without being bothersome, because it is expected. Facebook is not the appropriate venue for such live-updating.

5. I do not have off all summer. Please stop telling me how great it is that I’m off all summer. I’m still at work, for goodness sake. I have approximately 7 weeks of unpaid leave from work that coincides with the hottest days of the year. Sure, it’s nice having many days of no work in a row, but it’s not like I’m headed to Tahiti with my husband for all of it.

6. Not that much of an opinion, but in case you were wondering — no, we’re not finding out the gender of our child. (So you aren’t either.) I’ll be happily surprised with whatever outcome — and should said child end up surprisingly being non-human, I’ll be rich — so either way, we’re winners!

7. The Orioles are the best. Maybe not in the standings, but gosh do we love watching them win!

Also I love this man. That’s a fact.

4 thoughts on “Real Talk: Opinions I Feel Like Sharing Today

  1. Were you at last night’s game? The game of all the home runs? Those cheese fries look amazing. Hope you’re feeling well and staying cool!

    • No, we weren’t… but we have been at two recent wins. One against the Red Sox, and Monday’s against the Phillies! We don’t have any more games for a few weeks due to travel.

      And the cheese fries ARE amazing. They’re actually chili-cheese fries, but I hold the chili. 🙂

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