Seven Quick Takes: first week of summer vacation edition

After working full days on Monday and Tuesday, I’m officially on my school-required seven-ish-week-unpaid-vacation. No complaints here! It never ceases to amaze me what I can get done and what I can fail to accomplish when I have an entire day with no “go do this stuff to make this money” commitments. Unfortunately, that means it’s what you’re about to read about. Lo and behold…

What I Got Done With My First Two Days Off 

  1. Maid of honor dress: ordered! I braved the purgatory that can be David’s Bridal on a Wednesday morning to get fitted for an admittedly lovely dress. It’s the perfect dress for a pregnant member of the bridal party, with a high waist and this lovely flowy lightweight mesh fabric. I even had the joy of wearing a fake pregnancy bump pillow to see what it’ll look like on an eight-months-pregnant version of myself. Not bad.
  2. Goodwill maternity racks: scoured! I found moderate success, having hit two Goodwills in the local area. I now possess a pair of shorts and a pair of jeans with those stretchy waist things (along with a pair of grey pants for work purposes when those resume), and I readily admit that they are niiiiice. If only it were socially acceptable to wear them all the time. The lack of buttons is great.
  3. Target bargains: acquired! With this accomplishment, I point out 2 clearance-rack maternity shirts with stripes (5.98 apiece, which is just about on par with Goodwill anyway), as well as discovering that the Cartwheel app was offering a whopping 25% off all purchases of Biscoff spread. So we are well stocked with crunchy Biscoff now. Mmmmmm.
    Editor’s note: if you don’t know the wonderful magic of Biscoff, please ask. I’ll gladly details the wonderfulness. If you’ve had Trader Joe’s cookie butter, it’s a similar product, though I’m pretty sure Biscoff was around first. Personally, I think the Biscoff is better. It has a little more spice and a little less sweet. I eat, you decide. 
  4. Dishes in the sink: finally clean and placed where they belong! One of my least favorite, and thus most procrastinated, of chores – scrubbing things that can’t go in the dishwasher (and barely fit in the sink). Examples: baking sheets, other baking sheets, more baking sheets. But hey, it’s done.
  5. Books: read! Yesterday, I devoured “Panic” by Lauren Oliver (link to Amazon info). It’s a YA book, it was genrefied by my local library as a “Thriller”, and it was sufficiently engrossing with a few twists I didn’t see coming (and a few that I did, but sometimes that’s intentional).

    Also read: David Baldacci’s newest, “Memory Man”, after it came in on hold for me (link to Amazon info). If you generally like Baldacci, you’ll be all-in on this one. Yet again, he is introducing us to a new character – one that I find more intriguing than some of his others, due to the backstory. I’m hoping this character sticks around and comes back in another book.

  6. Packing: started! After waiting for what feels like forever and isn’t nearly that long, we hit the road for vacation in the early hours of Friday. I’ve managed to throw together most of the items I need but the suitcase is still open, because I have a knack for forgetting things until the last minute (and I hate rezipping and unzipping the suitcase). Since we’re headed north, I have both tank tops and a hoodie. It appears it might rain most of this weekend, but I don’t own rain boots. (Good thing, ’cause those take up way too much space in my suitcase.) And finally…
  7. Podcasts: prepared! Husband and I both enjoy listening to Catholic In A Small Town and I heartily recommend it. Episodes are typically around an hour and follow a set format (by which I mean, husband and I are capable of speaking the bumper lines along with the podcast each time). Since we both like listening, and don’t typically listen to podcasts when we’re home together, we save them up. Tomorrow’s road trip means we might actually catch up! (And if not, Sunday’s continuation of the road trip guarantees it).

So there you go. I’m done feeling accomplished. The Orioles are playing a day game and have just taken a 5-1 lead on the Red Sox so my attention is required elsewhere. Have a fabulous weekend!

3 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes: first week of summer vacation edition

  1. Regarding those baking sheets: buy a roll of baking parchment paper (in the foil aisle) at the grocery store. Cut to fit. Parchment can be used several times before throwing away. OR invest in a few Silpats.
    Enjoy the vacation, whatever the weather!

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