7QT: life is changing yet again Edition.

Ah, seven quick takes. How infrequently I write you.

Except seeing as how I no longer work on Fridays, perhaps I will.
And yet seeing as how I don’t have to work on Fridays, perhaps I’ll actually do all the things that usually wait for the weekend. Time shall tell, eh?

  1. Do you like to eat food? Because I actually bothered to blog a recipe this week. And it was delicious (confirmed by the two of us that eat my cooking). It wasn’t very labor intensive, didn’t use the oven, and could potentially be a good “I don’t have THAT, but I do have THIS to use up” type of dish. Here’s the recipe! Oh, and I don’t usually remember to take pictures of my food that I make because I’m too busy eating it while it’s hot. Sorrynotsorry.
  2. Speaking of food… I’ll happily send you to someone else with more time for kitchen photography than I, whose “Bakery Style Blueberry Muffins” were awesome last week. So awesome. A few notes: I added a tablespoon of lemon juice to my almond milk and let it sit for 5 minutes, which gives it a tang sort of like buttermilk. Also, I used brown sugar for the ‘streusel topping’ and mine didn’t look anything like her streusel topping but it was still yummy. I actually think they’d be great muffins without but if you’re indulging to begin with, what’s a pinch of sugar on top? Here’s the recipe from Little Sweet Baker. On the upside, I did manage to take pictures of these because they’re really hot straight out of the oven and I needed to do something for five minutes before I dove straight into them.
    Finished product - 12 big muffins.

    Finished product – 12 big muffins.

    Semi-valiant attempt at "creative photography" but really I just wanted to show off how I over-blueberried these muffins resulting in massive craters just full of warm gooey blueberry goodness.

    Semi-valiant attempt at “creative photography” but really I just wanted to show off how I over-blueberried these muffins resulting in massive craters just full of warm gooey blueberry goodness.

  3. Speaking of food… okay, nevermind. I’ll move on. Speaking of books… I needed a new author who had a large collection of works to read, because my current habit is “find a new book written by fave author/read in a day/get bored looking for more things to read”. Now, with work beginning again, I won’t be reading a book-a-day, but nonetheless I have met with success. So I started reading Jeffrey Archer’s “The Clifton Chronicles” series. The first book is entitled Only Time Will Tell. If you’d like to investigate, here’s the info on the series from GoodReads. I can tell you I’m currently halfway through Best Kept Secret (#3) and I’m just as intrigued by this saga as I was with the first book – perhaps more so. Nothing scandalous; some historical fiction aspects; mostly set in England if that’s your thing; well-written multi-dimensional characters. So I’ll recommend that.
  4. BabyG update: all is well, it would appear. I’m just shy of 27 weeks, so basically three months to go until it’s “okay to go time” which probably means more than three months until it’s actual go time. I’ve taken my sister’s advice and not at all attached myself to my due date. In fact, I haven’t told pretty much anyone the real due date. So if you ask when I’m due “Thanksgiving!” is the answer I give, because it’s roundabout-close and also I’m hopeful that I won’t be missing out on Thanksgiving dinner. Though I probably won’t be cooking…and I won’t be visiting my mom…so I’m not sure how much “Thanksgiving dinner” is even going to be a thing. Someone bring me a pecan pie, that’s all I ask. And maybe a pumpkin roll?Anyway. Things appear to be moving along well. I’m certainly…expanding…my…horizons. By which I mean I’m dealing with the ugly self-esteem issues that probably have plagued nearly every pregnant woman ever, except like way-back-when when you didn’t have time to even think about that because you were too busy trying to survive without shelter and food and stuff. Maybe I should just think about that more often. Instead of food… uh oh there I go again.
  5. So…work. I’m sneaking this in as #5 so that it’s preceded and followed by non-work things. I fully admit – because no feeling shame, here – that I am excited and incredibly nervous for this school year. Take the part where I’m at a new school and thus know no staff members, nor any of the kids. Then add in that I have a different library/media center, and that I’m unfamiliar with what’s in it and how it used to be run. Stir in a pinch of having a new library assistant some days of the week, who I’m unfamiliar with, and a dose of “there’s a mouse in my library” (really) and a teaspoon of “what if the kids don’t like me!?” Then, just before putting in the oven, mention the part where I’m pretty darn pregnant and will be leaving my position in about 3 months, for about 3 months, and then returning…and all that newness and change and unknowing…it’s enough to make me question myself.Probably surprising. I usually project confidence like whoa. It’s not here yet – I’m hoping Monday morning, I wake up and the Holy Spirit just throws a giant dose of BE WHO YOU ARE MEANT TO BE into my veins and it all takes off onward-and-upward from there. If you want to pray that it happens, I’ll gladly accept that too.
  6. Speaking of food… wait, no. Speaking of traveling… we managed to wrap up our seemed-way-too-short summer with a few more trips. A long weekend at my Grandma’s lakehouse, which is pretty much the most relaxing place to be, was exactly what I needed. Then we spent last weekend in the woods camping with the fam. That was wonderful. We hiked, we cooked, we played games, we made s’mores, we talked, and just had a grand old time. We’re talking woods too – you had to drive a good eight miles just for cellular bars, let alone data. :)View of the moonrise from the lakehouse (photography by Husband):
  7. And of course, we’re busy backing the Birds. Going to two games this weekend. Expect future pictures of me with my Orioles high socks (tonight’s giveaway) and Orioles trucker hat (tomorrow’s) because goodness knows I am excited – especially about the orange socks. So cool. Maybe we could win, too…that would be nice…
    Here’s Husband and I at a game last week. This picture ended up on the Jumbotron!

Now feel free to hop on over to Kelly at This Ain’t the Lyceum to find more quick takes! (For what it’s worth, I don’t read many blogs these days, but Kelly’s is one of them so I’ll vouch for the content.)

3 thoughts on “7QT: life is changing yet again Edition.

  1. You were on the Jumbotron! And they are giving away Orioles socks this weekend? I miss all the good stuff. Well, we did get Oriole Bird pillow pets last year, so I can’t complain. I just wish you would post more about food. 😉 Those muffins look amazing. So happy to hear you’re getting good reports about your baby!

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