the #7qt in which I catch up on the last month…

Because I only manage to blog…well, apparently once a month?… I should probably just cram it all into one giant post that no one will want to read because of the overwhelming wordiness of it all. Right? Right. I’m sure that’s what all the blog marketing gurus would say.

[insert properly sized formatted and prettified photo for Pinterest pinning here]


Is anyone else really into budgeting? And tracking money and where it goes and from whence it came and such? Because sometimes my nerdery gets intense. It all started when I discovered a pre-formatted GoogleDrive spreadsheet several years ago when I was still in grad school and penny-pinching like the Evans I am. Over the years I’ve changed it, updated it, and now we have a new joint ‘Griffiths Family Budget Planner’. If you need something like this — it’s for tracking, not for yelling at you that you’re overspending, fyihere is the link. Mind you, we’ve added/removed categories and done all sorts of editing, but the basic functionality is already embedded and I love that. Also, it auto-syncs between your accounts and can be updated via the Sheets phone app so I love it.
I can’t be the only person that derives joy from seeing the savings total, instead of the spent total, right? Sometimes it feels like everything aimed at my demographic is BUYING THE THINGS WILL GIVE YOU THE HAPPY FEELINGS. Sometimes that’s true. [glances lovingly at Coke Vanilla Zero]


Our whirlwind lives have involved two wedding this month alone. Fortunately I have a husband who photographs our attendance at these events. I was the matron of honor for my best friend’s wedding in Ohio last weekend, which was an absolutely beautiful and joy-filled occasion and worth the swollen feet. 🙂 It was actually fun to get all dolled up and have my hair done for the first time since my senior prom and dance!


This one goes out to everyone asking So are you ready for baby?  … of course not. Can you ever be ready? Hah! We do have some essentials (read: car seat, place for baby to sleep, Orioles onesies) but we’re also not freaking out. Yet. Still got time to go. Hear that, “You look ready to pop!” folks? GIVE MY BABY SOME TIME TO GESTATE. Note: that comment really doesn’t bother me, but it’s awkward to then explain “nope, five-six weeks to go” and watch their faces try to comprehend how to then back out of the conversation in which they’ve insinuated I’m approximately the size of an overdue whale. Which I’m not. Really. I’ve got plenty of circumference to go! No, names haven’t been chosen yet 🙂 

Our first elephant-themed baby gift! Super soft and snuggly. From a friend who knows our political leanings :)

Our first elephant-themed baby gift! Super soft and snuggly. From a friend who knows our political leanings 🙂

It’s fall. I love fall. Apples, nutmeg, beautiful blue skies with a breeze to keep you cool. Obligatory ‘sunset during fall in Ohio/West Virginia’ photo provided by my husband (thanks, dear.) This was taken at the reception venue of the previously-mentioned wedding!


This week, Kelly was asking a bonus question for 7 quick takes – ““Who is your favorite blogger that you discovered through Quick Takes?” – and I’m honestly stuck. Most of the bloggers that I read on a semi-regular basis (since Google Reader disappeared, as has my reading habit) are those I discovered on twitter, that I follow and therefore see their links. I know, however, that I discovered Rita at Open Window through a combo of twitter/7qt and I still read her blog frequently. We even met in person once, which isn’t all that surprising considering we’re geographically close. This week she’s talking about Pete the Cat, a topic near and dear to my elementary school librarian’s heart. ❤


Since the last I wrote, dear Husband had a birthday. He’s still older than me! 😉 We celebrated appropriately. By which I mean, by attempting to enter chocolate comas. It should be noted this cake lasted us at least three days and was totally worth all the effort that went into it. It’s also a cake that is made, at most, twice a year.


Our big date this weekend is to IKEA. We’re snagging a crib, a mattress, and a rug. Well, the rug is if I can convince my better half that we need a cute children’s rug…which we do, because currently the Craigslisted-glider-with-ottoman that I snagged in sitting on top of an oversized beach towel. And while I’m not exactly the fanciest of home decorators, I’m not a fan of using towels as rugs. I guess I’m trying to be classy in my old age.

So yes…IKEA, on a Saturday. Pray for us. 😉

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8 thoughts on “the #7qt in which I catch up on the last month…

  1. Regarding take one – Dave Ramsey’s books and DVD’s are remarkably helpful. In fact, my daughter’s church is currently running a Dave Ramsey seminar once weekly for eight weeks for church members. Part of it is good sense, and all of it is scripture based.

    • Interesting! I haven’t actually read his stuff. I do know that’s VERY against debt. Which, in some cases works, but in others, doesn’t. I think I’ve heard of the “Financial Peace University” courses which sound like something we sorely need today!

      • Financial Peace is the name of the program, yes. It is one of several that Ramsey has created. Also, his radio program (free on your local I Heart app) is very helpful.

  2. The demise of google reader broke me off from so much blog reading too! I still haven’t found a replacement for it that I like. I’m cheating it right now by using my blogroll.

    Have you found yet? Not only is there the satisfying budget vs debt vs cash comparision, but it will make color coded graphs and charts!

    • I think I looked at mint once, and then discarded it, but that was a few years back so it may have changed. Sounds nifty! Though I did just discover the data analytics embedded within GoogleSheets so I can make pretty graphs there too…without moving all my information 😉

  3. Aww…you mentioned me! So thoughtful! I’m so glad we connected over quick takes/twitter and even in person! So excited for you to welcome your baby when s/he is ready. And are parents ever ready for parenthood? I doubt it!

  4. just happened on your blog by chance. Surfing the web gets you to strange places. Your name is about as Catholic as it can get. Keep enjoying life as you appear to be doing.

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