What’s For Supper? 34Wks Pregnant Edition [with enchilada recipe]

I’ve been reading Simcha’s “What’s for Supper” posts since week one, and find them incredibly amusing. I’m not a meal planner despite everyone on the internet ever telling me it’s super important or something. But I am capable of retroactively looking back at what we ate and disappointing everyone with my culinary exploits or lack thereof!

Question of the week:
What childhood meal are you always trying to recreate?
-Mom’s chicken tettrazini. Sometimes I nail it, and sometimes I don’t. But even when it’s not quite perfect it’s still soooooo good.

Anyway, we were in Ohio for the weekend, and came home on Monday, so there’s that.

Wedding feast! Salads, steak – that was cooked medium and still delicious -, scalloped potatoes, and carrots (which I didn’t eat). Also, tons of cookies, cake (that I didn’t partake of), and hot apple cider.

Did Mom make dinner? Oh…yes, she did! And it was yummy spinach lasagna with garlic texas toast that we probably all overindulged with but it had veggies so whatever.

I don’t think I made dinner on Monday, after we arrived home in the late afternoon. Honestly. Did I eat cereal? Husband foraged since I didn’t put anything together. I think. I do know we went to Aldi and stocked up on groceries.

Did I make dinner on Tuesday? … oh. I wanted boxed mac’n’cheese because I had a pretty rough day at work and was exhausted. Husband was jetting off to a thing in the evening so he wanted something quick. I don’t remember what it was. English muffins? We’re low key, you may have noticed.

Whilst driving home from dropping my car off for a oil change, Husband says “so what’s for dinner? I want a meat, a starch, and a vegetable”. Conveniently I noticed the “50 cent wings today!!!” sign at our local amazing wing place. Cue wings (Maryland Bay and Sweet Chili), celery, and french fries for dinner. At a bargain price, no less.

Well, leftover wings and fries, you must be done with. Paired with up extra frozen chicken tenders for me, since I gave Husband the leftover wings, and a whole bunch of salad because every once in a while I try to prepare veggies. Really, I do. Thanks, Aldi bagged Italian Salad mix. We didn’t even have cucumbers because they were out of cucumbers when we went on Monday. Alas.

Good grief. Upon review of the play, I have been found wanting. Theoretically I could whip up something homemade and delicious tonight. Technically there is a frozen cheese pizza in the freezer. Your guess is as good as mine, kids. Husband also informed me this morning it’s “north county restaurant week” so there might actually be a date-night-out happening sometime this week. To be determined…

I made chicken enchiladas a week or two ago and they were, quite possibly, the best dish I’ve put together in months. Pretty sure Husband would agree. They aren’t very spicy, and they have no peppers or onions because those are mega reflux triggers for me. FYI. So, for your perusal, here’s what I ended up doing!
[Note to self: buy enchilada sauce elsewhere, because they don’t sell it at Aldi]

frozen boneless/skinless chicken (thighs and tenderloins, in my case) from Aldi — I believe I used two thighs and two tenderloins to yield enough shredded meat for 8-10 enchiladas
jar of mild salsa from Aldi — 1.5 cups needed
low-fat cream cheese (“Neufchatel”)  from Aldi — 2 ounces needed
can of red enchilada sauce not from Aldi
can of fat-free refried beans from Aldi — about half-a-can needed
shredded 2%milk four-cheese Mexican blend from Aldi — about 1/2 cup+ needed
medium-size flour tortillas from Aldi — sold in a package of 10
YIELD: I ended up with 8 enchiladas, along with leftover refried beans

In a large casserole dish, pour about 1/2 cup of the enchilada sauce to coat the bottom of the dish. Save the rest.
Boil, poach, or microwave the chicken until cooked and shreddable. (Everyone has different styles on this. Boiling is probably easiest.) Then shred chicken!
In a fairly large pot, stir together 1.5cups mild salsa with 2ounches of cream cheese. Cook, stirring every few minutes, over medium heat until cream cheese has totally melted into salsa and it’s nice and hot.
Add the shredded chicken to the salsa/cheese mixture pot, and stir together. This is your filling.

On a clean(ish) work surface, lay down a tortilla. Shmear a good amount of refried beans onto the middle, in a stripe. Add a goodly amount of chicken/salsa filling on top. Roll tortilla as tightly as you can without breaking, and lay in the sauced casserole dish with the tortilla seam on the bottom. Repeat until you’re out of something.

As pictured: two tortillas with refried bean shmears, prepared casserole dish w/ red enchilada sauce on the bottom, and a pot of salsa-cream-cheese-chicken filling.

As pictured: two tortillas with refried bean shmears, prepared casserole dish w/ red enchilada sauce on the bottom, and a pot of salsa-cream-cheese-chicken filling.

Pour remaining red enchilada sauce over the top of the tortillas in the dish, then sprinkle the four-cheese Mexican blend across the top to your heart’s desire for cheese. Bake at 350* for about 20 minutes. The filling is already cooked, so there’s no need to worry about underdone chicken, but you want gooey enchiladas.

Fun discovery: if you have extra ingredients but no room in your casserole dish (my problem!), you can make additional enchiladas in the same way, put them in a glass Pyrex with a lid, and keep them in the fridge to cook at a later time. I made these fresh on a Monday, and put a Pyrex in the fridge with 3 enchiladas, which Husband was able to reheat (oven, 350, 20 mins) on Thursday and he said they were just as good. So that’s cool.

2 thoughts on “What’s For Supper? 34Wks Pregnant Edition [with enchilada recipe]

  1. My daughter lives enchiladas and she’s home from college. I should make her some! I have a red enchilada sauce recipe someplace…

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