7QT: whatever I feel like sharing edition

  1. If you want to read something, I dare link you to the WaPo, but I really loved this piece entitled “Marry the person who will help you to the bathroom“. It’s overall a wise way to look at relationships and the people we want to spend our lives with.Relatedly, I could have written a piece called “Marry the man who will help pull you up off the futon every time you have to get up” because that’s the stage of super-pregnant we’re in right now. (I know, you appreciate me sharing that).
  2. When bored, I look for cute kid-things that I would never spend actual money on for this kid. For example, this Made With Love (And Science) onesie. Adorable. But not worth my money. (Note: I find most things are not worth my money.)Not to send you astray, but any science geek can appreciate these Schrodinger’s Cat earrings. Or at least I do.
  3. Help. What are your favorite board games good for 2 people? Since Husband and I both enjoy playing board games, I’m optimistic that we’ll still find time to connect over a spirited skill challenge post-baby. Let me dream, y’all. Our favorites right now are Qwirkle, Sequence, Zero, and Rummikub. Well, Rummikub isn’t a favorite yet, but I picked up the throwback-to-the-original-made-in-Romania version at Target the other day with a gift card, so now we own it and can add it to the rotation. What else should we have? (We do have Trivial Pursuit in about 12 varieties, but I wouldn’t say it’s a favorite. Particularly because playing the 1990’s version is so patently unfair).
  4. So I’m becoming a hot tea drinker. Not that I didn’t before, but when faced with the choice of 24 ounces of coffee or tea… duh? But in an effort to cut back, not eliminate, my caffeine intake, while still getting to enjoy the loveliness that is a hot beverage in the morning, I took to the Tea Aisle at Target. I’m still a big fan of fruit teas, but I’m trying one called “Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride” this morning. It’s subtle and very, very lightly flavored. As in, not a dark tea. It’s caffeine free and smells great, but is kind of bland. Not sure I’d overly recommend it. A friend at work gave me a Lemon Ginger Chamomile teabag last week that hit the spot. We were both dealing with sinus crud – oh wait, I still am, it never ends – and traded tea bags when we each ran out of our stash.The point being, if you’re a tea drinker, do you have any recommendations? I can admit that tea has a much smaller acid-reflux effect than coffee, so it’s probably not a bad switch for me to make. It’s also easy to heat up water at work and throw a teabag in, if I want a boost before my first class of the day. But help me out, y’all.
  5. Hoo boy. Let’s get real with Catholic talk. I’m staring at the CheckList Of All The Things that have to be done in order to get contacted to schedule a baptism. And while it’s not highly overwhelming, there’s a lot on there. Admittedly, I probably could’ve started on this process earlier, but on the other hand, the ‘Child Information Form’ can’t be turned in until said child is born and named, so it wasn’t quite on my radar. Husband will probably be attending Baptism Prep Class next month solo, seeing as how I’ll likely be somewhere between 5-10 days removed from said birth when it’s offered.
  6. Speaking of which… it’s getting real. I’d take a picture of the office (read: storage room) to show you all the stuff that has invaded the house, but…why give you an opportunity to marvel at the chaos? Just imagine it, it’s better that way.
    This hand-made wooden sign that says

    This hand-made wooden sign that says “SHH THE BABY IS SLEEPING” was given to us by a teacher that I work with. How kind is that? I love that I work with creative people.

    Friends and family have been very generous and we’re appreciative. Just still stuck in the trying-to-organize part of it all. This weekend we get to figure out how to install our new carseat! Pray for us.

  7. Any fellow teachers out there…please sympathize with me. My goal is to have my entire sub binder done by the end of Sunday night. Any non-teachers, just pray for me. The amount of work this entails is overwhelming to the point of wanting to avoid all of it. I do think that getting it all done, and typed, and organized, will help ease some of my anxiety because I’ll be prepared to leave. I just have to find the motivation to spend hours upon hours doing it. I’ve probably already spent a good five hours and that’s resulted in minimal gains, so… c’est la vie. It starts today. WHEEEEEEEEE!

Have a fabulous weekend. Spend time with those you love. Don’t let football wins and losses affect how your weekend goes. 😉

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11 thoughts on “7QT: whatever I feel like sharing edition

  1. For black tea, I like Earl Grey and also chai. Green tea I usually like by itself with some honey, but once in a while I’ll drink a green tea that also has mint.

  2. Oh my gosh, I will NEVER forget putting together my sub binder/plans with my first pregnancy. HOURS of typing! And I kept worrying that maybe she never ended up even using it and just did her own thing…ha!

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