BabyG’s Arrival: Defying Expectations, Part One

These are the 3 things I was repeatedly told whilst pregnant, especially in the latter days.
1. First babies usually arrive late. After all, due dates are nonsense, and your body hasn’t done this before. (N.B.: EDDs are not that nonsensical if you know when you ovulated, but hey.)
2. Labor takes a really long time, especially with a first baby.
3. It doesn’t happen like in the movies. Only 10% of all women have their water break before going into semi-active labor.

Having said that…

Wednesday November 18th.
My last day of work, as I only teach MTW.

Thursday November 19th.
Visit the OB. She checks things out [awkward]. Baby is low in the pelvis but otherwise nothing is happening. Doc schedules me to come back in 6 days. Orders me to have a test done 6 days from now, as I’ll be past my due date and need a nonstress test thing. I spend an hour on the phone finding some place that can fit me in the day before Thanksgiving for this damn test.

Friday November 20.
Husband works from home on Fridays. I baked cookie dough brownies (thanks Betty Crocker). Husband went to the gym to run, and I went for a 30 minute walk through our suburban neighborhood (and bragged about how good I felt walking hills while so pregnant). We went to Aldi and bought a whole bunch of delicious stuff. Visited the inlaws (who live a mile away), watched the Maryland basketball game, came home and I crashed around 10. Silly husband stayed up until midnight. We had plans for the next day – Husband would be at an event in Frederick all day, which is about an hour drive. I was thinking about some shopping for random stuff, just to keep from getting too bored.

Saturday November 21.
I wake up from a dream and have a “damn it, I’m so pregnant I had a dream about swimming and peed all over myself like I’m 5 years old again” moment. Clean myself up, embarrassed, and throw a bath towel on my side of the bed.
Still awake. Google “did I pee myself or did my water break”. Read at least 5 different things, all inconclusive. See advice: “lie down for 30 minutes. If you stand up and are soaked again, it’s not your bladder.” Use middle-of-night-brain to decide this is smart test.
Play on smartphone. Convince myself it was pee, as shameful as that is.
Stand up. Waterfall. Clean myself up again.
Dig through paperwork in living room. Call hospital. “Pretty sure my water broke. Do I come in?” On call doctor gives affirmative. Contemplate this new reality. Gather a few things for the hospital bag that’s mostly packed. Read paperwork about hospital.
Lay down on bed. Turn light on. Nudge Husband repeatedly until his eyes open. “So my water broke an hour ago. They say we should go in.” Husband calmly says “ok”.
Leave for hospital with cleanly brushed teeth and bag of All The Things.
Arrive at hospital in the dark. Refuse wheelchair. We arrive at the L&D ward, having already informed them of our imminent arrival. Fill out paperwork. Get settled into a room. Prove my water broke (did you know they use litmus paper for that? Chemistry is cool.)
Bloodwork taken. Gown on. Vitals checked. Baby monitored.
Nurse comes in to see how things are “progressing”. They’re the same as they were Thursday at the docs. (for you nonsqueamish types: 1cm, 50% effaced, station -1). Nurse says, “try to rest”. I inform her I may want to get up and move…I’m not really tired because now I’m wide awake and trying to adjust to the reality that this is going to happen.

I try to nap. It’s still dark out.

To be continued…

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