5 Reasons I’m Still (Somewhat) Sane With A Newborn

An update, if you will.


family photo

Family of three on an outing at the park, because it was 70+ degrees in Maryland in December and one does not simply “stay home” when that happens.



  • My husband. Goodness gracious, I knew I chose the right man for me, but there’s nothing like throwing a screaming, unable-to-communicate, unable-to-control-bodily-functions human into the mix to test the waters. Result: he’s awesome at this. We’re both on a learning curve here — I was the youngest, he’s an only child — and alternate between “d’awww, how PRECIOUS is SHE!” to “oh my GOODNESS you have to SEE the mess this child just made” reactions. It’s been fun to share the experience, to say the least. 🙂


  • smartphone. Yes, I was a smartphone hater for much of my life. I must say, when you’ve got a child propped up in one arm and you’re stuck in a sitting position while she noms away… a smartphone is your friend. Navigable with one hand, not so heavy that you arm wants to fall off (unlike the other one that’s supporting the child), and entertainment abounds. My favorite things right now? eBooks from the public library through the 3M Cloud Reader. Glorious, and no need to try to turn a page with one hand.


  • Diet? what diet?! Yeah. I’m eating whatever I want whenever I have a free second to eat it, and I feel great. So obviously the copious amounts of chocolate (doesn’t chocolate endorphins, or happy cells, or something?) are working. And I’ve slowly added back in regular coffee. I cut my morning pot with decaf just so I don’t get overloaded. I’ve also decided I’m worth it and bought the sugar-free hazelnut creamer at Aldi that makes it just fancy enough to feel frivolous. Love it. Did I mention I ate some fudge with my breakfast? Thanks, brother and sister-in-law!


  • “This works for us”. Basically, we’re going at this in “we may not know what we’re doing, but that doesn’t mean we have to take your advice” mode. Don’t be offended, it’s my approach to the rest of life too. My child doesn’t wear a lot of girly clothes. Actually, my child doesn’t wear a lot of clothes, period. She doesn’t seem to be a fan (who can blame her?) so why bother? And don’t get me started on socks. Girl hates her some socks.

    Here’s the thing: If we want to take our tiny child with us on a Sam’s Club adventure…we will. She’s been to Mass 5 times now. (She’s thrown up all over me only once out of those five times. Winning!) I even wore her as she helped us spin the cake wheel at the church Christmas Bazaar! We’ve gone on walks when it was – gasp – less than sixty degrees out. We wear her in the mei tai…a lot. She really likes being snuggled up with her daddy. (Again, who can blame her? Heat source!) So feel free to send well-meaning advice. Just rest assured we might ignore it. Oh, and if you’re the lady at Aldi saying PUT SOME CLOTHES ON THAT CHILD well, we’re ignoring you too. (N.B., she was wearing clothes when this was said.)

  • My husband. Yep, both #1 and #5. Because for as awesome as he is with our daughter – and he is – he’s been a trooper with me, and a key element in why we’re at the 3weeks postpartum mark and I feel great. His presence at home gave me time to rest up, get a handle on things, and heal. We made an unspoken deal that if one of us is dealing with/holding/feeding/soothing the baby, the other person steps up to handle whatever they need. He’s refilled my water bottle about 40million times and brought me about 30 towels/cloths/whathaveyous for when she inevitably decided “oops, I ate too much, you can have it back Mom”. Not to mention all the diaper changes – in daytime and nighttime, when I could barely get out of bed without screaming in pain. (Note: take your ibuprofen kids, and you’ll feel better sooner!) He is back at work as of now, and we’re going to settle into some new form of routine, but I think we’ll be alright. I mean, if you can laugh at bodily functions spraying all over the room, you can handle anything. Right?

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