One Month Later…

and we’re all still alive, sane, and usually smiling!


a large low-quality cell phone pic of a non-sleeping, non-cranky baby!


Little Miss is working on a smile. Mostly it’s witnessed when she’s working on her digestive tract or about to spit all over me, but occasionally it’s ‘just because’. She quirked her lip earlier when her dad attempted to teach her ‘high five’, so we know it’s in there.

She is rocking 10 whole pounds now, because surprising absolutely no one, she has a healthy appetite. She’s approximately 21.5″ long, but isn’t a fan of stretching her legs out to be measured, so who knows.

We’re doing just fine. We go on outings, and sometimes stay home. She’s a fan of spitting on herself, spitting on mom, spitting on dad, and spitting in her hair. *throws hands up in air* What are you gonna do? [The answer to the rhetorical question is, do a lot of laundry and clothing changes.]

I sleep at night, in spurts, and that appears to work just fine for my system, thankfully. She eats, in spurts, and that appears to work just fine for my system as well. I feel like we’ve been pretty blessed in most departments as it concerns the whole ‘bringing up baby’ thing and my body’s willingness to help in that department.

She still has a ton of brown hair, and her eyes still appear to be dark blue, although depending on the lighting they look grey. According to her paternal grandmother, she’s a spitting image of her dad as a baby. Quite honestly, I see zero resemblance to anyone, because she just looks like a baby. I’m probably not supposed to say that…

Today’s new “I’m one month old!” accomplishment is that she successfully took a bottle (of pumped milk) from her dad, while I watched and composed this update. You read all these stories about “don’t wait too long to introduce a plastic nipple!!11!!!” and such, and our girl looks at it a bit skeptically…and then takes it like a champ. Woohoo! This bodes well for the future, because I’m hoping that when I return to work [which I don’t like thinking about] I’ll somehow have time during the school day to pump and maintain that feeding relationship we have. Time will tell.

Onward and upward from here, baby girl!


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