7 Things I’ve Learned in (almost) 7 Weeks of Mama Life

Linking up with Kelly for a 7QT post. (Go see her newly redesigned blog, it’s pretty.) Seeing as how tomorrow our little gal turns 7 weeks old, it seemed fitting. Also, apparently I’ve become one of those people who spends all their time post-kid reflecting on their life post-kid. I’ve always been told self-reflection is a good thing! Also, baby got baptized last weekend. Just thought I’d mention that – she did pretty well considering I interrupted her lunch for it, and she was working through some digestive issues throughout the whole Sacrament.

Baby laundry is much more annoying than adult laundry. While it’s true that I don’t care if baby’s clothes are wrinkled – after all, they’ll be spit on after less than six hours of use, likely – those friggin socks, man. Itty bitty tiny socks that hide in the crevices of everything else. Good thing baby hates socks, because I’ve lost half of them already. (Possible slight exaggeration. Maybe not.)

You forget all the screaming and hissing and wailing when they smile at you. Seriously. It’s manipulation and they’re not even aware of it but dang, it works.

Coffee is your friend. Obviously. Hearing this from me (go look at my blog name…now come back) can’t surprise anyone. However, I was being a little “oh, too much caffeine will probably make the baby hyper or something” in the beginning, by which I mean her first week of life. Now I’m all MAMA IS HAVING COFFEE AND WILL DEAL WITH THE CONSEQUENCES. Fun note: there don’t appear to be any discernible consequences. Except for when I have the coffee without the breakfast and get the caffeine/empty stomach shakes. No good.

Babies need to be talked to, and you’ll start to question your sanity based on your discussions with them. Here’s yesterday’s excerpt for you.

*baby starts crying*
Me: “Oh, did you wake up? Are you okay? … Obviously you woke up. You’re awake and crying because you woke up. Gosh, Mom, that’s a ridiculous question. Also do I look okay? I’m wailing in your face.”
And yes, I will admit, I said all of that out loud. I’m just teaching her how to converse. Or something.

Outfits that zip-up from bottom to top trump outfits that button up trump outfits that require multiple pieces.
This isn’t to say baby isn’t wearing those adorable polka dot terry-cloth sleep&play’s that people bought us, because she is. (And how much do I love that half of my child’s wardrobe is polka dots? Thank you, dear friends.) It’s just that once you go zipper, it’s an amazing discovery of ease. Most of our clothes have buttons, and really they’re fine, but I converted Husband over to zipper love.
“These are so much easier than the button ones.”
“Really? Are you sure?”
“Wow. I see your point.”


Penguins wearing hats. And a ruffle. Also happens to be fleece, footed, and zipsup. Perfect for this frigid weather.

You know that whole “mama sleeps when baby sleeps”? Nah. It’s “Baby Eats While Mama Eats”. 
Without fail, when I announce “I’m about to plate dinner” it cues the wailing and gnashing of, well, gums. It doesn’t matter if dinner is at 4, 5, or 6. That’s when baby decides it’s dinner time

Upside: I’ve really developed a knack for cradling/nursing baby with the crook of one arm and eating with the other. And I feel no shame when I occasionally drop a piece of food on her (well, unless it’s the face). Do you know how many times she has regurgitated food onto me? Exactly.We went on a dinner date – because isn’t that the well-meaning advice of every marriage blog ever, make sure you date after baby! – because I wanted to experience eating with two hands. The beauty of going out, is that you can leave the house immediately after baby eats and then you can share the spicy queso dip with your husband and cut your steak sope with a fork and knife while baby contentedly naps or watches you eat with seemingly jealous eyes.

(Sidebar: there’s a Honduran place near us, very hole-in-the-wall because of its location, but the food is excellent and they’re very friendly and we had an appetizer, 2 dinners, and a large tip for $29. In case you thought I could write a whole blogpost without mentioning a bargain.)


Steak sope ❤

It’s a lot of fun. Sure, there are moments where I reach a wall. I’m sure Husband has them too. We’ve reached a limit in regards to our space issues. But overall? Fun.I can’t wait to take her to an Orioles game. 🙂 But first, we have a roadtrip to Ohio followed by a longer roadtrip to the South. Wheeeeee!

4 thoughts on “7 Things I’ve Learned in (almost) 7 Weeks of Mama Life

  1. Oh, now you have me curious about that restaurant! Good luck on the road trip. Bet you can’t wait for Opening Day! Maybe this will be our year….

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