7QT: Before the Blizzard Descends Edition

I used to use the term ‘blizzard’ jokingly in Ohio, meaning anywhere from 3-10″ of snow. Apparently there’s a real definition for blizzard and it’s more than that, and they’re using it about this weekend. Wheeeeeee. I should probably charge every device we own. (Note: we probably own too many devices).

Anyway. Linking up with Kelly at This Ain’t the Lyceum – her post of what NOT to do in 2016 is fun- to bring you some highlights from life here on the bucolic western shore of Maryland.

  1. Have you ever gotten a phone call from a number you don’t recognize? Sure. But have you ever gotten a phone call from 1987654321? Because I have. Multiple times this week. Is this one of those weird *69 call-hiding service things? It actually came up on my phone as ‘anonymous’. Obviously I didn’t answer. If your name isn’t in my contacts list, I probably don’t need to talk to you. But I’ll admit I’ve never seen that one before.
  2. I bothered to get a new phone. My previous phone was the lowest-model smartphone one could have, and it finally started running out of room. As in, “you don’t have enough memory to send a text message” even after I deleted every non-essential app and all my pictures. That rendered it a little bit useless and frustrating. Now I have this behometh of a phone (I’m that person!) but I appreciate that it has a really high quality camera, so I can use it for both purposes. My previous camera was not even 5MP, so printing pictures into 4x6s really didn’t work well.

    Does anyone else read eBooks on their smartphone? I have the 3M Cloud Library app, which our public library uses, and I must admit it is super convenient. I read part of an eBook during a middle-of-the-night nursing session, because it’s easy to hold with one hand and doesn’t require turning a light on. I can usually find new novels that aren’t available in print (because holds!) that show up on the eBook list, which any decent librarian appreciates.

  3. Speaking of pictures… who else uses Shutterfly? I love their service, and they’ve made great products for me – including a stocking for our little gal this year. They send a bajillion coupons (thanks!) so I always have opportunities for free stuff. Right now, I have four free photo books – the hardcover kind, to boot – waiting to be made. But it’s so overwhelming. I can’t be the only one that feels that way, right? One of today’s projects is to make some fridge magnets.
  4. Baby’s first road trip was last weekend, and she was a champ! Seriously. We only stopped once each way, and our trip that’s typically just shy of 5 hours was just shy of 6 hours – very doable. She was totally cool with stopping at Sheetz for snacks, including her own, and slept pretty much the entire time we were on the road. Thank you God! It was a good test for next month’s much longer trip.

    Ohio also introduced our daughter to snowflakes. Now Maryland’s apparently going to introduce her to cabin fever…

  5. Mom and I took the opportunity to spend time in the kitchen together over the weekend, and worked on an overnight french toast dish. Wowza. Not sure I’ll ever bother with regular french toast again. The best part is that it’s all done cooking at the same time so you don’t have that “here, hurry up and eat this before it gets cold while I continue manning the stove” disjointed breakfast thing. That’s the part about pancakes that annoys me.

    I added extra cinnamon and nutmeg, like one does. A quality bread is key, obviously. It basically syrup/sauces itself, due to the butter and brown sugar in the bottom of the pan. Which reminds me… I need the recipe.


  6. I stocked up with a bajillion (ok, 18) library books in preparation for the blizzard of doom. My method of choosing books is like this: go to YA section. Start with realistic fiction, choose books that don’t look familiar. Move to science fiction, choose more. Go to mysteries and add a few more. Realize book bag is overflowing and possibly about to break. Add one more book, then check out.

    So yes, I judge books by their covers (it’s not a sin if you’re a librarian, I swear). I also judge them based on whether I’ve read them or not because… I’ve read a lot of the books in the YA section at our libraries. I tend to find better reads there than in the adult fiction. So please, recommend something if you can. The only ‘adult’ book I have right now is a Patricia Cornwell that I hadn’t yet read.

    Recommendations from me:
    “Blindsided” by Patricia Cummings [amazon link] – the experience of a teenage girl slowly going blind, which is not nearly as dark as it sounds [pun intended!]
    “The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly” by Stephanie Oakes [amazon link] – the story of a girl raised in a cult in the woods, of course not knowing it was a cult, and how she comes to be in jail. One of those stories that’s sort of told backwards, wherein in the end of the book you discover the beginnings of her story.

  7. Foods I’ve made recently:
    Skinnytaste Shrimp Creole.  No onions, no scallions, and I think I used a yellow bell pepper instead of green (I hate green ones). Husband and I both liked it, though it was rather spicy – I probably added a little extra cayenne – so obviously not a crowd pleaser. Oh. We had it over…noodles? Hey, conveniently I took a picture! Whole-grain thin spaghetti (thanks Aldi) and steamed green beans (thanks Aldi). I’d make it again. Aren’t Fiestaware plates so fun? 20160106_180121.jpg

    I took a spin on this asparagus & spinach pesto lasagna.  By which I mean, I used zero asparagus and didn’t follow most of the measurements. I used a whole box of spinach, but only about half the amount of cheese because I only had half the amount of cheese. I liked it a lot, though. I used the pesto rosso – red pesto, basically- from Aldi and so it looked kinda like a normal lasagna but it had zero tomatoes which makes my chronic GERD less angry.

    Anyway. Send recipes my way. I’m still not back at work (thank you, God) and occasionally have moments of free time in the kitchen without a baby in my arms so I figured I’d get creative with my time off. (PS, baby update here).

    Stay warm! Stay inside! Bake things!

One thought on “7QT: Before the Blizzard Descends Edition

  1. Love Fiestaware and that dish looks yummy! Hope you have some great food for the storm! Oh, and that’s so wonderful that you’re still home.

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