7QT: Post Blizzard Apocalypse Edition

Sure, it’s not a creative title, but at least I’m writing 2 weeks in a row! Linking up with Kelly of course.

Much snow. Many days off. Since I’m out on leave snow days don’t bother me…but it means I have additional days of leave before I go back to work! It was important to me that I not rush back to work because I know it’s going to be hard being teacher/wife/mom (not listed in the order of importance but my 3 main roles nonetheless). So these snow days have backed up my “date of return”…not that the hot mess HR dept has given me a date yet…suffice to say I can continue to live in denial of returning for a while. Woo!

Shoveling snow is a lot easier with a husband. By which I mean to say, major props to the man for digging out our cars while I stayed inside with the baby. There was a lot of snow. Like they brought in backhoes on multiple days, snow. Wheeeee.

I’m attempting to be a more creative cook ( I’m no chef). Hence the buffalo chicken noodle soup I invented while snowbound. I’d like to have more crockpot meals in my recipe bank but a) I hate mushy b) I don’t enjoy spending lots of moolah on red meat c) I am morally opposed to canned soups in recipes. So the struggle is real.

I will say my decision to make a homemade pizza with white pizza sauce, mozzarella, ricotta, goat cheese, and sundried tomatoes was a success. Yes, ricotta. It was delicious.


TV shows. We decided to DVR “Colony” that they were endlessly advertising during Smackdown. We’ve watched 2 episodes and.. Eh. I’m just not interested yet. Having no idea of the big event that sent everything spiraling into motion is kinda making it difficult. Also, the guy who played the short cranky doctor who couldn’t keep his man parts to himself on House plays what appears to be an equally unlikeable character. The other people I don’t really recognize.

I enjoy watching tv shows with my husband as a time to relax and unwind together, and I know some folks aren’t into that. Guess we’re stuck with wrestling shows and Buying Alaska reruns. (the tragedy of 2016 is that show not being renewed) Oh, and we finished Man In the High Castle. Ooooooh did I end up enjoying that. Anyone else watch it?

I’m getting my first ever fillings at the dentist on Monday. I’ve been postponing them for over a year now. (not my fault!) I’m looking forward to the procedure not at all. I’m looking forward to the bill even less. Wheeeeeeee

The first work trip of 2016 (not mine) is this week. I’m super excited (obvious sarcasm is obvious). BUT my parents are going to visit for a few days so at least I have that assistance and fellow adult companionship to look forward to.

Relatedly, our February schedule is nutso. Travel followed by my birthday followed by Ash Wednesday followed by a long road trip to the south. Wheeeeeee! I’m looking forward to it despite the temporary chaos.

Speaking of which…guess I should think about Lent. What to give up or take on? And I presume that nursing moms are exempt from fasting so someone who’s more in tune with Catholic mom life please confirm that for me. You do NOT want to see me hungry these days. As for my Lenten discipline…I suppose I have something to ponder. I don’t remember last year’s- does that mean it was good or bad? Hmmmmm. Much pondering.

Happy almost February, y’all. Stay warm πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “7QT: Post Blizzard Apocalypse Edition

  1. Nursing does exempt you! When I’m pregnant/nursing, I add another discipline, like getting up at the same time each day. I make sure that I’m also avoiding junk food. I was at the end of my pregnancy with #5 at the end of Lent in 2013 and the struggle to not eat nutella sundaes (with pretzels) was real, sometimes I gave in.

    I loathe canned cream of something soups as well and it seems like many crockpot recipes call for it. I made a potato soup this week that had a white sauce added at the end of the cooking time. It was super simple to make as well, maybe going that route would be good?

    Do you guys eat beans? I cooked pinto beans in the crockpot and then when they were cooked, I moved them to another pan and cooked them up with peppers, onions and seasoning. (The peppers were the frozen bagged ones from Trader Joe’s, if you have one near by, I recommend that!) It’s great as nachos and as a taco filling.

    One final thought, I hear you about red meat. I love it. I’d eat a steak every.single.day. if I could. My compromise (when not pregnant) is making a roast on Sunday then (hopefully) having leftovers. Now that I’m pregnant, I just make it in dishes like stew, that stretch it a bit, because I’m really needing it.

    If I may ask, where in the south are you heading? Middle central South Georgia? πŸ˜‰

  2. Hello! Just dropping by from the SQT link-up… I definitely agree with you about the husbands-shovelling-snow thing. We’ve hardly had any snow this year (not unusual where we live), but we used to live in the Alps, where it happened a LOT. Thankfully, our neighbour had a snowplow attachment for his tractor and cleared the road for us, so “all” we had to do was dig the car out!

    I’m pretty sure nursing mothers are exempt from fasting – at least I’ve always assumed it’s the case. I tend to abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday anyway, but anything involving me skipping meals would just be a disaster for everyone around here!

    Happy travels πŸ™‚

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