7QT: it’s springtime in February? edition

We’ve dug out from the great blizzard and…most of it has melted. Because it’s been in the 50’s lately. And sunny. And very strange. Anyway, it’s Friday so I’m linking up with Kelly whose organizational habits are intense and didn’t make me feel unorganized at all.

  1. My parents came to visit this week! It was fantastic. They’re helpful, cool with just laying around and chilling, and they were complimentary of the dinners I made. Best house guests ever.
  2. My parents, baby, and I went out on Tuesday with my in-laws to celebrate my birthday a week early. I decided to go to this local Italian place that I’ve never been to, but my in-laws say it’s great [and the wait staff knows them, which is a bonus] so I figured… why not? Oh. My. Goodness. We couldn’t shut up about the food. And it’s Maryland, so there’s plenty of seafood pasta dishes, which Mom, Dad, and I all chose. And we had plenty of leftovers for lunch the next day. Also, they gave me a free piece of cake because it was my birthday (thanks Mom, for mentioning it!). Here’s the cake.

    I also got a cannoli to go, because who passes up authentic Italian cannoli? Also, birthday. Indulge me. Delicious.

  3. I kind of want to commit to healthier eating this spring. Not as a Lenten faux penitential thing, just as an overall family goal. But we’re going on vacation…so yeah. Baby steps, right? I’m also a tiny bit afeared if I go all diet-y it’ll tank my milk supply and baby needs > Mom’s vanity so… baby steps it is. And honestly, if I could get rid of my chocolate and ice cream cravings, we’d be fine.
  4. Anyone else in the “looking to move sooner rather than later” boat? Because we are. I’ve decided my ‘wish list’ is rather small – although this is the ‘absolutely must have’ list, not wishes, so it should be small.
    Must haves:
    -decent kitchen floorplan [NO GALLEYS ALLOWED]
    -1.5 baths, or more
    -bigger-than-a-postage-stamp yard [our current neighborhood is eliminated]

    That’s it. I can work with everything else. The wishes, though, they’re more extensive…

  5. Related to houses: the best improvements we’ve made here are the floors. Why? Because I cleaned my kitchen floor for the first time post-baby yesterday [and she’s pushing 3 months old, folks] and it still didn’t look all that gross. Just minimal coffee spill cleanups. It’s a point of pride that my dad and I did the whole install ourselves, too. 🙂 So if you’re looking for an inexpensive floor redo I can recommend Allure. This is our kitchen floor.
  6. I’ve become a person that likes creamer in her coffee. I used to drink it black. Perhaps for Lent I’ll go back to black coffee and donate the cash I would have spent on creamer. I still haven’t quite figured out what I’m doing this year, but I really liked the idea of ‘Lenten cards’ where you choose a card each day and do the thing it suggests. I got them from Team Whitaker and while they’re “for kids”…well…we’re supposed to have a childlike faith so I’m going with it.
  7. Book reading: I just finished “A Girl Called Fearless” and I liked it quite a bit. It’s that whole dystopia/futuristic society thing, but the basic premise is: a chemical used in beef targeted estrogen, and killed off most of the women in society, and now “Gen S” – the girls who survived due to their young age – are coming to adulthood. Apparently it’s a series, which makes sense based on the non-ending, but it was a fun read.

    Any recommendations?

3 thoughts on “7QT: it’s springtime in February? edition

  1. Oooh, I will be picking up that book. I am teaching a course on Catholicism and Literature this summer, and one day is going to focus on dystopia/speculative fiction, because I find it fascinating the way dystopia can really look at current social issues through a fictional lens. That one sounds very promising!

  2. Oh, I want details on this Italian place! Happy birthday! And the Lenten card idea…where have I been on that one? If you gave a new baby, aren’t you sacrificing enough to cover you already? 🙂

  3. Um I want that cake.

    Also, cleaning the floor every 3 months is totally acceptable. We had been in our house 8 months before I unpacked the vacuum. Oops.

    Thanks for writing!!

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