Why not resurrect this during a pandemic?

I mean, it IS still the Easter season, so resurrecting this writing space seems apropos.

I don’t know what I’ll be doing here.

I mean, I was an Original Xangan back in the day, where we spilled everything darn thought that popped into our 14-year-old minds. Xanga was basically long-form twitter, but with an HTML editor that we all thought we were so very cool for being able to use. Yeah, I was the kid who taught themselves basic HTML for their Xanga. That was a thing. I’m not ashamed. Really, it has come full circle – I now teach aspects of computer science to elementary kids.

Well, I did. I’m not really “teaching” right now, in the usual way. I’m posting things on the internet and I’m writing comments to kids and I’m helping teachers find useful online resources. I’m making the world’s goofiest videos with my coworker for our PreK class, where we do science projects and have dance breaks and generally make fools of ourselves in the hope of helping our four-year-olds feel somewhat normal.

I’m doing a hella lotta parenting, and funny to think the last time I wrote here, I had one kid. We blew past that, months ago, and it has been quite the experience, I tell ya. He got my eyes. 🙂

Please don’t expect fashion or “here’s my beautiful living room” or “how to parent” because I don’t know, and certainly don’t expect All The Liturgical Opinions and I’m probably not returning to the play-by-play of my Xanga days. But you might see posts, and you might read them, and they might have something to say that is useful. That’s really all I’m going for – I’m reopening this space, for me. Because why not?

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