Who Am I? [Or, “More Autobiographical Information”]

your author. coffee, orioles, glasses, cardigan sweater. check.

your author.
coffee, orioles, glasses, cardigan sweater. check.

I am…

  • a happily married gal! with one girl kidlet.
  • addicted to coffee, and completely okay with it. My soda of choice is Vanilla Coke Zero, it’s the best thing.
  • an INTJ. It’s a Myers Briggs personality type.
  • Catholic. ain’t no swaying that.
  • tall. so they say, anyway.
  • a daughter, sister, aunt [to four!], and godmother [to two!]
  • a school librarian. I teach.
  • a travelholic. i love a good road trip.
  • a baker of good things. also a cook who happily engages in #kitchenexperiments (and happily has a husband who is okay with science experiments for dinner).
  • ridiculously proud of where I come from, which happens to be a former steel town on the banks of the Ohio in Appalachia. don’t ask me why I’m proud, I just am. It’s how it is.

Once Upon A Time, I…

  • finished a marathon. (Virginia Beach, 2012, 5:20:37)
  • spent 4 months living in Austria, studying theology and philosophy and history while traveling.
  • went swimming with sting rays in the Caribbean.
  • attended an audience with the Pope, Benedict XVI.
  • saw Anberlin. twice. 🙂
  • stood in the easternmost city in the entire United States!
  • saw the Orioles in the playoffs!

8 thoughts on “Who Am I? [Or, “More Autobiographical Information”]

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  2. Glad I came across your blog! Hope wedding planning is going well 🙂 By any chance did you go to Franciscan University? I just you were from Ohio and studied abroad in Austria… and were super Catholic… all things that lead me to believe Franciscan lol

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